Soul Caliber 4 details and teaser trailer

Details are scarce, but here's what it is known so far: Ivy, Mitsurugi and Nightmare are all confirmed returns, new and unannounced characters will make their debut, and the game features "realistic environments, interactive stages, enhanced AI, and a new battle system," according to Namco Bandai. A lot more will be revealed in EGM's upcoming Soulcalibur IV cover story.

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Eclipticus5655d ago

Isnt this a double post. or is the article saying hey, 1up has first video, buy our mag. really warrant a whole new posting?

Mr_Kuwabara5655d ago

before posting this I mean OMG Caliber....

THAMMER15655d ago

Now lets see some game play.

drtysouf215655d ago

can't wait to see how it looks

Sully9075655d ago

i submitted this because the other news was the video only while this had an article with it.

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The story is too old to be commented.