Ranking The Soulcalibur Games From Worst To Best

Bandai Namco's other premier fighting game series, Soulcalibur, has been around for over 25 years, but what game is the best?

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Yi-Long480d ago

Really loved Soulcalibur on Dreamcast. Truly blew all competition away back then when it came to graphics and fluidity, and I liked the roster and arenas.

Haven’t bothered with the newest release because sadly fighting games these days have become too expensive. They’ll release a base-game, then add all the interesting characters through expensive season passes, so unless there’s a Complete Edition released (and if I’m still interested in the game by then), I’m better off just shrugging my shoulders and skipping it completely.

The direction the fighting game genre has picked for itself means it will now only appeal and sell to the hardcore fans of the genre, while the mainstream gamers will spend their money elsewhere.

FinalFantasyFanatic479d ago

I played Soul Calibur 2 on the PS2, it was great and I got pretty good at it, decimated most of my friends at that game. I recently got VI on the PS4 and it just doesn't have the same magic, plus it seems to have stuffed some extra mechanics in there that just complicate it too much for me, although I really do agree they're too expensive, I've always wanted to get all the DLC characters for Central Fiction, but it's way too expensive.

Kaze88480d ago

I prefer SC VI to the SC III. SC II had a really fast pace for a fighting game, when new SC III bursted into the scene it felt sluggish when compared to the second one. On SC VI they brought back the quicker pace of the game, but not as much on SC II, though I think it was a good decision. I wish they would go the MK11 route with their games, but we all know that Bandai Namco is not interested, they hardly gave the devs time and money to support SC VI.