Dragon Age Origins: Return to Ostagar DLC Announced

BioWare, a division of Electronic Arts, announced today that the Return to Ostagar downloadable content (DLC) for Dragon Age: Origins will be released on January 5 in North America and Europe for the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game at a cost of 400 BioWare Points or Microsoft Points. The DLC will be available for the PlayStation 3 later in January priced at $4.99.

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justpassinggas3215d ago

Finally! Getting it for PC. :)

Nineball21123215d ago

It's a good game... Going through my second playthrough now, and I figure I'll go through it at least one more time (gonna level up a mage to lvl 20 the last go through).

justpassinggas3215d ago

I have clocked nearly 125 hours on the game over 5 different playthroughs. Is it strange that I even have dreams about the characters? Damn, I'm obsessed.

dragunrising3215d ago

I haven't clocked nearly as much time as you (30 hours) but can also say I dream of Dragon Age...especially after a long session. I have the 360 version right now, but plan on getting it for PC eventually. My brother has it on PC and it does look quite good. The graphics for better or worse shouldn't deter anyone from getting the game however- the story, discovery and character progression make this game amazing enough.

I found the previous DLC a little on the short side. Not that I wouldn't buy the new DLC in an instant...:-/

Anyone play KOTOR and Dragon Age notice a passing resemblance? I swear that Dragon Age is everything that was great about KOTOR with Balder's Gate/Icewindale thrown in.

justpassinggas3215d ago

I preferred the way combat was handled in KOTOR, though, where you can queue up attacks. There is too much micromanaging in this game, making it more difficult to be creative in the ways you can engage the enemy. And the PC version, although superior, is buggier than the console versions, thanks to memory leaks. You'll see load times getting longer and longer after every loading screen until they go from 10 second loads to nearly a minute or, as some have said, 10 minute load times! There's a simple bandage fix, where you just save the game, quit the game, and relaunch and see that the load times have gone back to 5-10 seconds.

Bioware really has to fix up this memory problem. Your processor also always shows 100% CPU usage (and funnily, when loading, you'll see only one core of your CPU being used...which means load times could be faster but they're not).

Anyway, all complaints aside, this is the best RPG to come this decade, IMO. This is coming from someone who has played and beaten ME, Oblivion, Morrowind, KOTOR 1 and 2, as well as many JRPGs. I'm not a fan of its environment (too bland and forgettable), enemy design (too generic), or even the plot (cliched), but the character development is phenomenal and that is what takes the cake. You actually come to care for the characters, even when you realize that the overarching plot is the classic absolute good versus mindless evil deal.

R6ex3214d ago

Same here. I didn't like the constant need to manage each & every team member in battle. No fun. The 360 version basically makes it impossible to see any real action, except hitting the pause button every sec to issue orders to the 4 team mates. I'd rather have the Mass Effect 2's style of gameplay where we just control 1 character and issue movement orders (& minimal power orders) to team mates rather than having to pause all the time to issue the use of powers. No fun. No action. Better still, if AIs are intelligent, we can leave them to do as they please and just concentrate on what we are doing.

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Allowen3215d ago

The game is VERY beautifull on the PC !
The graphics might not be "next gen" like a Killzone2/uncharted 2 game but they are still very beautifull expecially because the amazing art director.

Got it on Steam ,the deluxe version and got all DLCs but the one that will come only in January.

I still did not finish DAO(around 30 hours playing) but so far as I could see it is as amazing as a Demon's Souls (PS3) but offcourse they are different kind of RPGs.

mrv3213215d ago

Your going to be happy to hear that Dragon Age Origins will be a long game... like 50 hours long upto 80 if you do the side quests.

3215d ago
SnukaTheMan3215d ago

Its crazy how one quest stacks on another..I was in the middle of one quest and 3 more problems popped up until I could get back to the original...great game forget the graphics..the story should not be missed.

ta1snake3215d ago

I've completed the game in about 70 hrs plus on PC. Very good story & gameplay. RPG fans should check it out.

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