ESRB Reveals Some of Dante's Inferno's Sexual Content

The ESRB rating for Dante's Inferno has been revealed and there's no surprise here – the game has been rated Mature. The description for the game reveals some of the sexual content found in Dante's Inferno.

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Sunny_D3223d ago

Well, they aren't afraid with the nudity. Even a penis is shown. Along with some hentai(tentacles, lol). Can't let the young ones play this. But, isn't the CGI amazing in this game? Imagine if that was the in game engine? (Woah, drools) Maybe next generation...

Saaking3223d ago

Just play the demo and you can already see just how much nudity and sex will be involved in the game. I have feeling ESRB is gonna try to censor yet another game.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3222d ago

I need to go back and try the demo again.

The one time I played it, it locked up my PS3 and I had to turn it off with the main power button on the back. :/

I had only been playing for 5 or 10 minutes when it happened, so I really didn't get much of a feel for the game.

camachoreloaded88063222d ago

is in Mass Effect 2. That Miranda Lawson chick is pretty attractive, her chest in proportion to her body is ridiculous. Even more so was that blue-haired villain in Valkyria Chronicles. Now THAT made me say "WTF?!" You would think she was modeled after Cynthia Myers, hahaha

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3222d ago

Hmm... not quite sure I understand the disagrees. lol

That is what happened when I tried to play the demo last week.

Doc Sony3222d ago


Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

lol, what does that mean, Doc Sony?

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ShinFuYux3222d ago

The way they wrote about the game is quite amusing. Totally unexpected.

farsided3222d ago

here's hoping the esrb stays the hell (accidental pun) away from it despite all the rampant (whoop!) nudity.

conniec3222d ago

"a veritable monster's ball"

Do you think they're shouting out to Will? Hilarious, if so!

3222d ago
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