Dante's Inferno declared "completely playable" on PC through PS3 Emulation

Dante's Inferno at 4K 60FPS!

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jambola634d ago

The effort here is overwhelming

darthv72633d ago

Sad this may never get the sequel it deserves. It's still one of the best GoW clones around.

Silly gameAr631d ago

I agree. I still have my copy, but a sequel would have been awesome.

Ratchet75631d ago

It's the only GOW clone around. 😉

specialguest632d ago

I would love to revisit my old PS3 games played at a higher framerate and resolution. UC2, TLOU, GOW3, KZ2 & 3, Demon Souls

darthv72631d ago

I know you can with UC2, TLoU and GoW3... just get the PS4 versions. Oh and i think Demon Souls as well.

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Ratchet75631d ago

100% with u on that one.
Could you imagine a dead space on ps4/x1 and maybe a VR version.
And what about that Star Wars game they cancelled? They must have regretted it after seeing JFO's success.
This company is run by morons.

Kombatologist630d ago

Yep. :( They care more about current trends than making a truly great game. It was their fault Dead Space 3 didn't do as well as 2 because, against the devs' wishes, they wanted it to have co-op because MuLtIpLaYeR > SiNgLePlAyEr. It's scary that companies like EA have so much influence on the industry.

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The story is too old to be commented.