Looking back to 2010 and the Hellish Good Times of Dante's Inferno - Kratos Who?

Paul writes: "The story of Dante's Inferno is epic in scale, involving betrayal, both of Dante and his love interest, Beatrice, along with a fight with Death himself, culminating in Dante stealing his scythe to use as his main weapon in the journey yet to come."

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TheProfessional661d ago (Edited 661d ago )

This game really needs a sequel. The levels, enemies and dark tone of the story were amazing. The animated cutscenes and a few of the puzzles were the only drawbacks.

Kratos was such a simplistic and one dimensional character at that point, just yelling all the time. The Dante's Inferno story was much more memorable than anything the earlier God of War games offered.

darthv72661d ago

It certainly was one of the best copies of the GoW style there is. There were two sequels planned the second was about his continuing trek through purgatory while the third was set to be his redemption. I'm very surprised nobody has opted to pick these up and give the game a proper continuation.

hack n slash are one of my favorite genres and if you havent played knights contract or el shaddai: ascension of the metatron... you should give those a try.

AK91661d ago

I played this game for like an hour or 2 got bored and honestly never looked back.

darthv72661d ago

oh it gets way better the deeper into the levels of hell you go. It's worth a full play through at least once.

Abnor_Mal661d ago


I agree the game is worth a full play through, very good game with a solid story and hack/slash.

Pastemaniak661d ago

Bonus points for bringing the whole experience to the PSP. Really ahead of its time for a clone. Definitely worth it.