MS' Greenberg Promises 'Halo Reach Will Be The Biggest Game Of 2010' Amidst NPD Musings

Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft's product management director, is ebullient about the company's performance in November 2009's NPD results. The Xbox 360 lead the PS3 in sales, though it did drop slightly year on year.

Of course, the month's big story was the huge sales of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which boasted the biggest opening month sales ever at 4.2 million copies -- besting the PlayStation 3 version over 2:1 in sales.

It's worth noting that this does not include copies bundled with Microsoft's limited edition console, a move Sony did not replicate. In comparison, the massively hyped Halo 3 sold 3.3 million copies on its September 2007 debut.

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LordMarius3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

The arrogance, its just too much
Dissing GT5
"Is it launching next year? I've seen years and years of minigames, but I haven't seen that the game's done. They just released the PSP version -- maybe that's what they've been working on. I feel confident that there's nothing that will compare In size. Halo Reach will be the biggest game of 2010."

TOO PAWNED3625d ago

i agree. i don't care of what system you are fanboy but this guy is no class act, he is a douche...

Genesis53625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

The thing that bothers me the most about this guy is when MS has a couple of bad months he crawls under a rock and hides. Then they sell a few thousand more one month and he's out flappin' his gums again.

Saaking3625d ago

The biggest game next year will be, unfortunately, the next COD.

I'm sure Reach is gonna be the biggest exclusives; however let's not forget that GT5, aka the King of Racers, is coming out next year as well and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

It's gonna be interesting

GT5 vs. Halo Reach vs. SMG2

The best of the best from all consoles next year. It'll be epic :D

kaveti66163625d ago

I admit, the man is not shy about boasting whenever he can. I wouldn't go so far as to call him a douche because it's really his job to talk from a stance of being superior, even if he and the company he works for are not. It might be something they teach in business school or PR classes. You always need to talk big.

Halo Reach will probably be a megaton, but this time I hope it doesn't get the review treatment that Halo 3 got. The multiplayer is epic, but the campaign was a letdown.

Gran Turismo is going to be a big seller and will have long legs, but I'm glad that at this juncture, Turn 10 is probably working on Forza 4 using the technical specs of the gen 8 console.

By the way, I'm thinking of starting a new terminology here at N4G. Recently, people have been complaining about articles that use the phrase, "next-gen consoles" because they're not sure if it means this current gen or the PS4/X720 generation.

From here on out, why can't we just refer to this generation as gen 7 and the following generation as gen 8?

randomwiz3624d ago

"From here on out, why can't we just refer to this generation as gen 7 and the following generation as gen 8? "

because for many people on this site, this is gen 1 and ps4/720 will be gen 2

THE MAX SPEED 213624d ago

I for once dont think that GT5 is PS3s biggest game in 2010.

GoW3 is more like it for me.

SaberEdge3624d ago

I'm looking forward to Halo Reach. I am sure it will be epic. I really loved ODST, but all signs point to Halo Reach being on a whole new level. I can't wait.

deadreckoning6663624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

First off, today is just TOO-DAMN-EPIC!.
The 360 in its WORST year, outsold the PS3 in its BEST year.
I don't care if ur a 360,PS3, or Wii fanboy, that is EXTREMELY impressive.

As far as the article is concerned, Saaking is right. The next COD will be the biggest game of 2010. So far God of War 3 and EA MMA are my two most anticipated games of next year.

Edit: Haha, I couldn't have said it better myself HdGamer

@RROD- I live in AMERICA, therefore only North AMERICAN sales matter to me. The more SCEA sells in AMERICA, the more it benefits AMERICANS because we live in AMERICA. My PSN is registered in North AMERICA. When I move to Europe, I'll care about European sales. And when I move to Japan ill care about Japanese sales. Can someone explain how the PS3 selling in Europe or Japan benefits PS3 owners in the States? No you can't, because it doesn't.

HDgamer3624d ago

Im srry but today is just TOO-DAMN-EPIC!.

The wii in its WORSE year, outsold the PS3 and 360 in its best YEAR.

I don't care if ur a 360,PS3, or Wii fanboy, that is EXTREMELY impressive.

GiantEnemyCrab3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

I don't agree with you much but I'm starting to come around. I have to agree, this douchebag just runs his mouth when things are going well and then crawls under a rock, like someone said, when things are not. I didn't notice his loud mouthed comments when Sony won Oct. NPD.

Now MS think they are on the right track over charging for peripherals, charging for an online service and then shoving ad's in their customers faces, shoddy hardware that they know fails but didn't care. And just the general exploitation they do of their user base when they feel like it. I don't agree with modding, but they have no problems taking a pirates money for XBL and any content they purchase and then ban them at their whim with no recourse but to give MS more money..

RROD Service_Rep3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

I sense fear of GT5 in Greenberg's future.

Mark my Words, GT5 will move more consoles than Halo Reach ever will. Most people who purchased a 360 for halo already have one. Halo reach is being released 5 years into the consoles life, by then we'd have information about the next generation of consoles coming out in 2010.

GT5 is being released 3 years and 4 months into the ps3's life.

@ DeadReckoning
I'm pretty certain that the ps3 outsold the 360 this year. Or am i missing something. Sept was Sony's in all 3 regions. Oct was Sony's in all 3 regions. Nov Sony lost by 100k in North America, but won by 150k in Japan, and we all know Sony won Europe. So Sony won Sept, Oct, Nov by a considerable amount.

EDIT: Wow, what happened to GiantEnemyCrab?

Dutch Boogie3624d ago

lol the greenturd is at it again. Seeing his face makes me want to knock him out so bad. Another day another over hyped rehash.

Saaking3624d ago Show
Gamehead363624d ago

Sir, you have come a very long way.

Blaze9293624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Geoff Keighley said the same thing...Geoff, a well respected and known guy in the gaming industry...

I mean this, this is just as effective as Sony/Nintendo saying something about their game. Keighley is on no one's side.

GOWIII33624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Hmmm... I thought, Microsoft was being smug or overwhelmed with unexpected sales when they did not release Black Friday data. Nice move by Microsoft by forcing Sony's hand with the Slim and planning a A$$ whooping in 2010 with games and Natal. Sony fell right into the trap and Microsoft knew PS3 hype from the price drop sales spike would not last long(why So many games were allowed to be pushed back to 2010)

People thought AG was lying about the biggest sales of the year and the previous month being doubled. People liked the idea of a Blu-ray player combe device for $299 this is why PS3 sells well now.
The PS3 exclusives are flopping and not creating revenue because that's not the reason people are buying the PS3. People are buying PS3 because they can watch Blu-ray movies while letting their kids play games when the family is not watching movies hence the strange behavior towards the competing tv game brand, you see in websites and forums.

Tssssssss BOOM!!!! to da BAM!!!!!!!!!!!

zane5473624d ago

Necessarily label him arrogant, all executives come off that way, it's called PR, I remember Phil Harrison when he worked at Sony telling people PS3 wasn't a game console, and the uproar it caused, yet the comments were right, it is more than just a game console.

Greenbergs right to be arrogantly confident about Halo Reach, it's halo, like it or hate it, it sells systems and Microsoft will be relying on that game next autumn as a killer app.

And true, PS3 has quite literally steamrolled the 360 this year, but like Sony, Microsoft are a rich company, one of the worlds richest. Anyone who expects them to roll over and die after a bad year will be in for a shock.

ABizzel13624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

This was a nice article/interview and everything was fine and true. Until he talked about exclusives. The PS3 has better exclusives than the 360 no matter how you try to put it, spin it, or whatever else. 2010 will be no different unless MS overhauls things for the later half of the year, because as it is now the PS3 is dominating 2010 with AAA exclusive after AAA exclusive.

As Greenberg said, "We will continue to remain $100 cheaper than PS3." That's you best bet, because if the PS3 every matches you at $199. It's curtains.

Traveler3624d ago

That's not true. I prefer my PS3 but I have to admit that I am impressed by what the Xbox 360 is bringing in 2010.

walup3624d ago

HOSPITALS & RETIREMENT HOMES are going to replace wiis with Natals. Well you get the point.

calis3624d ago

Greenburg's talking? Must be NPD time.

The guy is like a period. Appears once a month.

walup3624d ago

I didn't think it was possible for calis to get any angrier. This is not a good day for PS3 fans.

calis3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

"I didn't think it was possible for calis to get any angrier. This is not a good day for PS3 fans."

Stalking much?
And I'm not angry, for two reasons
a) Sales don't have any effect on me. I have one PS3, one 360 and no investment in any of them. I don't get money if either console sells.
b) The PS3 isn't behind the 360 so I have no issues in one or the other console ever stopping.

Now we should really focus on your stalking issues. It's kinda pathetic you feel the need to follow some internet guy around and try to feel better about yourself by (incorrectly) assuming that I am angry/upset or anything about this.


The GT series is only big because of its name, but the game is plain boring!! And honestly, do you think that its goin to make Halo Reach numbers in sales?? I dont think so sir.

Halo Reach is going to pawn any game in 2010 in sales, reviews, and hype!!

Serial_EDX3624d ago

"The thing that bothers me the most about this guy is when MS has a couple of bad months he crawls under a rock and hides. Then they sell a few thousand more one month and he's out flappin' his gums again."

sounds like the ps3 fanboys. :D

TheBand1t3624d ago

lol really? I saw alot more 360 trolls come back from hiding (hell, even Omega4 who has been MIA for 80 days) when the NPD numbers showed up.

Xi3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

weren't all the GT games packaged with the console. Hence why the really high sales?

Microsoft Xbox 3603624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Jeez, do some research before talking about sales and the GT series. FYI, every major GT release sold consistently above 10 million. GT5P, a "demo" sold 4 million plus. Will GT5 surpass Halo Reach in sales? You can bank on it. Gran Turismo is a lot bigger than you think. And of course you find it boring, simulation games are for the more mature audience.

JokesOnYou3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Micro said they would comeback and outsell ps3 this year after the slim hype settled. I knew they were right to be confident 360 has always had a big holiday, the brand is very popular, has mindshare and alot people tend to become 360 owners at christmas time.

You kids act as if Greenburg was hiding, when NPD #'s came out in favor of sony for the last 2 months, NO he gave a statement then, but of course his job when losing is to only focus on the positive, he's a micro spokesmen, he didnt say anything offensive in his comments here, you may disagree with him, but who gives a shiii what you think, he's try to sell more 360's, he's going to continue to make 360 sound like the best thing since sliced bread.

Truth is you guys hate Greenburg because you always get butthurt and take it personal when anyone or any site praises the 360, 360 surprised all the doubters, analysts and haters this month and once again all your little Bs predictions have proven to be nothing more than hot wind.

Now you haters want to try to kick and scream about WW #'s yet none of you have anything close to proof, same hot wind that was sure ps3 was going to beat 360 in Nov, but we should believe you, the only legit #'s is ps3 has japan, not counting wii of course, but then the UK is a huge territory which micro has always done extremely well in over the holidays, Australia and other small regions 360 has done well in the past, but those numbers havent been reported yet, if so then post the link, if not then you have no clue who's selling more worldwide.

What we do know for sure is 360 is a beast, its selling a ton of software, sony extremists hype their exclusives but dont buy them, ps3 is going to take quite sometime to catch the 360, if ever, maybe a year or 2 after micro releases their next console.

lol, I'd hold off with the GT5 predictions, cause if we've learned anything this gen its that making assumptions about the ps3 based on last gen's ps2 dominance hasnt really panned out, hell according to some ps3 was a untoppale juggernaut from here on out at this current price and with its current lineup, if so 360 must be a Titan with a very short leash on the juggernaut, like "whoa, slow down ther big boy, you know the Chief always eats first, I'll save some for ya", lol

HolyOrangeCows3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

That's right. You guys confuse your customers on initial and final cost and it helps sales. Once they realize they NEED a HDD to be able to save more than 5 games, and download more than 2 maps worth of content, it quickly "becomes" a $300 SKU.

execution173624d ago

completely forgot the big three are all releasing their big guns next year

Anon19743624d ago

He also predicted that, not only would the 360 beat the PS3 in 2009 sales but it would come out on top for the entire generation.

Someone should have nudged him and whispered in his ear to let him know that the data released by both companies shows that the PS3 has outsold the 360 in the 3 years since it launched worldwide.

And how do things stand in the calendar year 2009? What's the 360 trailing the PS3 overall right now? 1.5 million? 2 million?

Before you predict the 360 is going to win, shouldn't you actually do a little research first and temper your statements accordingly?

Same with this. We don't know what Halo reach is even going to be. I have faith in Bungie and I love Halo, but to make predictions like this for a game that's almost a year away, that just makes me shake my head.

likedamaster3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Reach will definitely be big. Halo 3 reached close to 54% of the 360 install base when it launched(biggest of any game this gen), Reach should do similar numbers.

People might lie but numbers don't.

WildArmed3624d ago

well SMG2, GT5, GoW3, among other great games are gonna put a dent in the 'biggest' game of '10.

ofc.. unless he is talking about sales.. then lets just wait for the next CoD for everyone to jump on to =/

TheTwelve3624d ago

He's fat and ugly and I can't stand his face.

Can't deny that Halo REACH will sell more than any other game next year but it certainly won't be the best one.


3624d ago
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TheColbertinator3625d ago

Halo Reach will most likely have huge matches with 32 players for CTF or Team Slayer.Unlike ODST,it will be a full Halo game.

blitz06233624d ago

Anymore promises Greenberg? You just keep making yourself look more and more stupid out there. I've never seen this guy back up his sh!t. He just keeps running his mouth

Mr Logic3624d ago

You think 32 players is huge? I feel bad for you. Time to move to the true next gen 60 player and 256 player with no lag.

Light Yagami3624d ago

But Resistance 2 and Mag sucks.

BX813624d ago

@ Mr Logic. Just because it has more players doesn't = more fun. MAG sucked sac and Resistance.... Ughhh....Ughhh.

PS3Freak3624d ago

MAG Sucked eh? I bet you havn't even play it, and no Resistance 2 did not suck.

Narutone663624d ago

just like the xbox 360 is the most reliable console out in the market./s

BX813624d ago

@PS3freak. Yeah I've played it and I gotta say my GOW3 demo has me coming back for more not the MAG beta!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3624d ago

You Droids ran your mouth about NPD Nov and you can't back sh!t... but but teh slim.

blitz06233624d ago

lol Jason you talk about droids but you clearly are one of the worst i've seen. keep bashin ps3 fanboys sure. you're just blinded by your stupidity. greenberg has done these before in the past. and when did i ever see ps3 fanboys talk about NPD sales before these came out? you can talk trash all you want

let's see you back your sh!t on when ps3 fanboys talked about beating the 360 on nov.

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THE MAX SPEED 213625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Halo Reach will be one of the biggest if not the biggest Game of 2010 and yall know its true.

New halo game new engine new gameplay element. Hype to the MAX.

MS will flood the media with ads for this game yall know it.

kaveti66163625d ago

The hype and media part is not a good thing. When a really large game does well, like the Halo games, none of the review sites are willing to criticize its shortcomings because they don't want the many fans to turn on them.

This phenomenon occurred with Halo 3, GTAIV, and Modern Warfare 2.

randomwiz3624d ago

and thats what disappointments me. At first, I was extremely excited for mw2. I'm a cod4 fanatic, skipped world at war, and played the heck out of cod4. Then mw2 looked like more cod4. Then I saw reviews and got excited again

the graphics started out pretty nice, but towards the end of the single player, and multiplayer, i was able to see the same graphics that I saw in cod4.

in cod 4, I started out playing dm, then tdm, then sabotage, then s&d, then I just kept playing s&d forever. Then I got bored of the game, and switched to playing headquarters and ground war.

when I got into mw2, it was the biggest noob fest i've ever seen. I killed this guy carrying a javelin, and died. people use hardline and care packages and get ac130's. the shotguns have a sniper's reach. In cod4, the maps were fun, in mw2, they aim too much for balance.

I got to give them props for spec ops mode. At least they did something right.

For new people to modern warfare, this will be a great game, but for me, i'm starting to get bored already. I'm already around 1.3m on the scoreboard on XBL, and I got the game 3 weeks ago.(I was in the 40,000's in COD4 on xbl)

3624d ago
Bungie3625d ago

Last place fanboys wont like this

Saaking3625d ago

You know, I wouldn't be bragging about Second place either man.

MAYTR1X3624d ago

Halo Reach Will Be The Biggest Game Of 2010 with the most GLITCHES & BIGGEST DLC ADD ON in HISTORY hahahahha & sh!t they can't even distribute 1st part sales they gotta go to 3rd party & bring up 2007 data hahahahhaha... Alan is still SLEEPING

SKUD3624d ago

And it will cost you.