Atomic Gamer: Dragon Age: Origins PC Review

Atomic Gamer writes: "Dragon Age: Origins feels a lot like the result of Bioware wanting to continue to make Dungeons & Dragons RPGs after Interplay lost them the license to make them. It's an all-new world with an entirely different lore and rule system for fighting and character advancement, but you'll find a lot of familiar things here. Orc-like "Darkspawn" serve as the horde of enemy creatures swallowing up the lands of Ferelden. Elves, dwarves, and humans inhabit the land, highborne nobles play their silly games, bandits ambush you on the road, dragons are hugely powerful and rare to find, fantasy creatures that we've seen before creep around - it's all here. But Bioware has done a great job of keeping just enough familiar to make it accessible for those who've played this type of game before and adding enough new plot, monsters, characters, and gear to keep you coming back."

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