Giant Bomb: Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion Review

Tekken was once the bellwether for the coming generation of consoles. Seeing Namco develop home versions of the first few Tekken games that surpassed the arcade games upon which they were based was a magical moment back on the original PlayStation. It was the moment where you could immediately see arcades becoming less relevant, as the machines hooked up to our TVs were now just as impressive as the stuff you had to drop quarters into to play. These days, it's not quite the trendsetter that it used to be, but the Tekken series keeps trucking along with Tekken 6. In addition to also appearing on a non-Sony console (!),

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NateNater3453d ago

This is soooo true. I wish they made the scenario mode better. Actually, I think they should have just not put it in there. And the load times are just everywhere. Its very annoying.

NewZealander3453d ago

tekken 3 and tekken tag were the best, after the horrible tekken 4 they should have given up, and the campaign modes have always sucked.