Thoughts on Soul Calibur 5 and Tekken: Blood Vengeance Announcements

Personal response regarding the 2 major announcements that was unveiled at Namco Bandai's "Level up" Press Conference.

Also, a little background regarding Dai Sato -- the screenwriter of the new Tekken CG movie.

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bangoskank3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Soul Calibur is my favorite fighter so color me excited.
As played out as they are guest fighters should include Cloud and Sephiroth. I think they would blend into the SC world perfectly. Personally I'd want Cecil and Kain but Cloud and Seph make more sense and would be more profitable.

Update: Scratch that. Characters from Demon's Souls would be awesome on the PS3 version.

NobleGamer3690d ago

Tekken Blood Vengeance that is the first i heard of that game..Tekken Tag Tournament 2 not even released :D I guess namco thrive on fighting games :D

TheKindRoost3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Tekken Blood vengeance is a cgi movie

from the link it sounds like a pure fan-service.

Lavitz20123690d ago

Looking forward to both of them.

lochdoun3690d ago

Just waiting on a Killer Instinct announcement from Microsoft/Rare.
DO IT!!!