Top 10 Moments of EVO 2K11

WVG writes: Now that the dust has settled and we’ve had time to collect our thoughts on this year’s Evolution 2011, WVG has put together a top 10 moments of EVO 2K11 to mess that all up. So sit back and revisit WVG’s Top 10 Moments of EVO 2K11.

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gmdoat4430d ago

Daigo getting perfected was the best moment ever

ali711arab4430d ago

Will DLC characters for Mortal Kombat be available for use in the next evo?

CrescentFang4430d ago

Good to see that 8 year kid in the fighting community... though I hope it doesn't affect how he grows (you know, like those sports kids when you were a young age). The thing is the environment he's in (I believe so) has a lot of adults and basically no kids... I can really say anything since I'm not too familiar with the fighting community haha.

My favorite was the BlazBlue one that was funny, I thought the guy should have barrier burst even though he wasn't taking damage earlier though...

ali711arab4430d ago

agreed. It's great to see an 8 year old at Evo. It's funny how anyone fighting the kid was made out to be the bad guy.


Every Marvel vs. Capcom Character, Together At Last

Artist Chris Cayco, who we’ve featured a few times before on Kotaku, grew up playing Marvel vs. Capcom (and Marvel vs. Street Fighter) games. His tribute to this, which took him over 175 hours, was to combine every single character to ever appear in Capcom’s crossover series in the one enormous image.

PurpHerbison1313d ago

Love art like this. Good stuff.

PhoenixUp1313d ago

Makes me despise Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite that much more

So much wasted potential


Every Capcom Vs. Game Ranked

As common as it is today, it is hard to believe that there was a time where gaming franchises crossing over was just a pipe dream. Capcom broke down the wall, but they took the combination of some of the most unlikely of franchises and made it the norm.

Whether it was a colossal successful partnership with Marvel Comics or a collaboration with rivals Namco and SNK, the “Vs.” series brought unforgettable experiences to the fighting genre.

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SickSinceSix1441d ago

They should make a collection of all of them, for this gen or the next

PhoenixUp1441d ago

The 90s was a time when videogame IP established themselves heavily to the point where a lot of major companies could start doing crossovers

MIDGETonSTILTS17108d ago

MvC3 did NOT have a larger roster than 2…


15 Hardest Final Bosses In Fighting Games

GB: "More than perhaps any other genre, fighting games offer the kind of mechanical depth that you can lose yourself in for years. Learning the ins and outs, learning and perfecting combos, and so many other things that make this one of the most competitive genres in gaming, even on a professional level now. But you don’t have to be playing against another human to be challenged in a fighting game. Throughout the years, this genre has thrown multiple final bosses at us that have got us all collectively pulling our hair out. In this feature, we’ll be taking a look at fifteen such fights."

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harmny1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

N64's analog stick

Acecalibur1526d ago

Isshin the sword Saint was the hardest boss I ever beat. And I've been playing games for 30 years

Fluttershy771526d ago

I went through the clickfest, it's shameful; more than usual that is, lower than gamingbolt standards, Congrats GB you've reached a new low.