IGN: Dragon Age: Origins Review Xbox 360 & PS3

Incredibly deep and expansive, Dragon Age: Origins is one of those titles that can easily swallow up dozens of hours of play and keep you coming back for more. The fact that BioWare chose to include downloadable content, including a new character and side quest, on launch day proves that they have an extensive plan for supporting the game. Couple that with the fact that each character can be developed in radically different ways, and you have an adventure that earns its own place among BioWare's expansive RPG collection. While the visuals are a bit underwhelming and the difficulty is a bit easier on the consoles, this is still a great title. This is the kind of adventure that fantasy RPG fans have been hoping that BioWare would deliver – a game with a ton of re-playability and an incredibly vivid world that is the start of an impressive franchise.

9.0 Presentation
A rich and vivid world, loads of mature themes and story expand the tale of Ferelden in front of your eyes. Inconsistent Origin elements and the gift feature weakens believability though.
7.5 Graphics
Muddier textures and framerate hitches wind up making the visuals on the console a rough experience. Animations are fine, if a little stiff at times.
8.5 Sound
Voice acting can be hit or miss, and some effects can go on for too long, but the music and the majority of sound effects are excellent.
8.5 Gameplay
Gameplay is definitely action focused, and the radial wheels do a decent job, but the difficulty level is scaled down.
9.5 Lasting Appeal
Set aside a large amount of time for this one – beating the game will frequently make you want to pick up and play again to see just how a decision or a conversation would be different.
(out of 10 / not an average)

swiftshot935317d ago (Edited 5317d ago )

Has there ever been a single Bioware game that isnt awesome? Serious question.

Christ these guys are already Gods in the gaming industry, can they elevate themselves even higher?

Edit: @ below

I respectfully disagree. 8.7 is highly respectable especially for the company's first full multiplatfrom game. Some of my favorite games arent rated at 9.

Edit 2: @ disagrees

What part of statement do you disagree with? Are you dismissing Bioware's status in this industry?

Out of all of Bioware's full fledged games, only 3 arent above 9. And they've developed a lot.


Edit 3: Dragon Age has a 91 on metacritic. So its tied for 3rd best rated game of the year.

LordMarius5317d ago (Edited 5317d ago )

an 8.7 isnt that impressive


I respectfully disagree. 8.7 is highly disrespectable especially for the company's first full multiplatfrom game. Some of my favorite games arent rated at 8.9 or below.

Wakka_5317d ago

^Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time must suck too, ya?

Sevir045317d ago

This games is great.. the age of the AAA banter has made you guys into sensless fanboys who only play review scores and sales data... The game is great. Bioware is doing a great job with it's game.

LordMarius5317d ago

But its not great enough to receive AAA status
PS3 - 89
360 - 88

Bargain bin material

The_Devil_Hunter5317d ago

Mmh I dont know I feel iffy about this game.

thedisagreefairy5317d ago

screwing with u guys

he already said some of his favorite games score below 90 and so he obviously doesnt think that under 90 is bargain bin material

5317d ago
presto7175317d ago (Edited 5317d ago )

My friend is very excited about it, but for some reason, I just cant latch onto the DAO hype.

Bargain bin sometime next year. Maybe. Nah...

Darkstorn5317d ago

I want to get it, but I don't see myself paying for than $30 for it. I thought it would be more like KOTOR, personally...

Sanzee5317d ago (Edited 5317d ago )

Bioware makes some fantastic games. However, it should be noted that Bioware has a variety of teams at their various studio locations:

1a. 70% of the Edmonton, Canada studio were/are working Mass Effect 2.

1b. 30& of the Edmonton, Canada studio were/are working on Dragon Age.

2. Bioware also has an entirely seperate studio down in Austin, Texas responsible for developing the upcoming MMORPG Knights of the Old Republic. It includes mostly new hires, though many of the same writers from the original Xbox title.

Though Dragon Age was a title with great production values, Mass Effect 2 was given a much higher budget. After experiencing with both fantasy (Baulder's Gate) and Sci-fi (KOTOR) role-playing games, Bioware saw that sci-RPG's would be their main focus. However, some years later they decided to return to their roots, but still kept sci-fi RPG's at the top development priority. I have no doubt that Mass Effect 2 will bring in much more money, not to mention earn a spot among the nominations for GOTY 2010.

5317d ago
Saaking5317d ago

I really expected a lot more from this game. Anyways, since the superior console version is on Ps3, does this mean bioware are better Ps3 devs? hmmm.

DLA2K95317d ago

people are mentally ill on this site, they disagree just for the sake of an argument

Saaking5317d ago (Edited 5317d ago )

People disagree with you if:

1. They disagree with you're opinion/course of action
2. You're trying to flame.
3. They don't like you.

You shouldn't really pay much attention to disagrees if you yourself agree with what you're saying.

Cold 20005317d ago (Edited 5317d ago )

Oh well in that case that must mean all the other multiplat devs in the industry are better 360 devs hmmm... :)

Xbox Avatars Shoe5317d ago (Edited 5317d ago )

"But its not great enough to receive AAA status
PS3 - 89
360 - 88

Bargain bin material"

No, ODST should be in the bargain bin. Although, if ODST were to go to the bargain bin and is priced at $40, it wouldn't be a bargain.

Saaking5317d ago

It would appear so; however, the trend has been changing. There's no doubt that multiplats were far better than their Ps3 counterparts back in 2007; however, they're starting to look more and more the same. As devs start grasping how to develop properly for the PS3, multiplats get more even. Sony's first party have shown the power the Ps3 can put out and if multiplat devs can't match that it just makes them look bad and lazy.

Budg3tG4m3r5317d ago (Edited 5317d ago )

Agree and they are the same stupid arguments of jealousy and hatred of somthing they don't own or can't afford. It's like hating a neigbhor because he has a red car and you like blue better. It's just downright retarded to be that jealous over a gaming console or what games or features another gaming console has.

On topic: I will Gamefly this game because I like Bioware but what I really want is Mass Effect 2 or another KOTOR. This game is getting some good scores though so it may be a great game. If it turns out to be a keeper I'll have to buy it next year because I have spent enough on games for the year with 5 preorders pending. I have other priorties like house payment, insurance, food, and energy bills to worry about.

@Darkstorn great Avatar I'm a big Queensryche fan myself, geat band, great music.

Unending Punishment5317d ago

Superior or not you're basically admitting your interest in Mass Effect.

Buy an Xbox 360. Just like you'd tell anyone interested in Uncharted to buy a PS3.

Richdad5317d ago

PC gamers who turned to console will definitely like it. Those who might be gaming on console only will definitely be skeptic.

Also the graphics are not good but the scale of the game is too huge. Its like an RTS game zoomed to character level that's the main reason for average graphics. But definitely their will be other good qualities.

Also Bioware has not made nay game which has solid graphics except Mass Effect and may be Jade Empire. There games are always known for gameplay and story.

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devilhunterx5317d ago

Why they bundled PS3 and XB2 review together?

Myst5317d ago

More than likely bundled the console versions with one another, and the PC version separate which I think I saw under that channel.

Probably didn't notice a whole lot of difference and figured it best to bundle them together.

Myst5317d ago

It's official I'll just pay off the rest of my college fees after thanksgiving. I'm going to get this game.

Johnny Rotten5317d ago

enjoy those ramen noddles and kraft dinner!!

Myst5317d ago


It will probably be that or some chips or something, wish it could be subway :/.

Darkstorn5317d ago

Just buy lots of cheap pretzels from Safeway. Got me through college...