Dragon Age: Origins: PC vs. Xbox 360 - A graphic comparison

PC Games already has the retail versions of the new role-playing and offers a graphic comparison between the Xbox 360 - and the PC version of Dragon Age: Origins. The PC Screenshots of Dragon Ago: Origins were made in 1280 x 1024 pixels with the highest level of detail. Just click into one of the screenshots to view the high-resolution version of the screenshots.

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raztad3274d ago

At that resolution there is not a massive difference IMO. If you run it at a much higher res, game will look much sharper. In any case 1280x720 with everything in mid-high is the best my laptop can do :D

pangitkqb3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

As I commented on Gamespot's Dragon Age 360 review:

"I love my consoles - seeing as I regularly game on PS3 & 360 - but games appearing on all three platforms simply run better, with more options, on a powerful gaming PC. It is simple logic that consoles with specs from 2005 (360) and 2006 (PS3) don't have the capability of a PC built specifically for gaming in October 2009.

Anyway, I'm still loving Uncharted 2 on PS3 and Borderlands on 360."

And that is the honest truth. I game on every major platform without bias and sometimes, given the option, PC is simply the best way to go.

Edit @ Foxgod below: You make a more than valid point. PC games give control over shadow, texture, lighting quality and more, often allowing you to crank up the visual appearance of a title far beyond that offered on other platforms.

Foxgod3274d ago

Its not only about resolution, its also about light/shadows, drawing distance, fps, and texture quality.

StanLee3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Could not have said it better myself. Even at the resolution, the PC version has higher resolution textures and far more detail than the XBox 360 version. But the biggest thing the PC version has over the console version is a better interface. Trust me, with all the micromanagement this game has, those purchasing the game on the console will definitely become frustrated with the tedium of the controls and interface. I know I am.

raztad3274d ago

@Guys above

I'm pretty sure the framerate and effects in the PC version are much better, but for obvious reasons those screens dont show that, just textures quality and lightning.

JsonHenry3274d ago

This game, even maxed out, looks like garbage compared to other current gen RPGs on the PC. Hell, even Oblivion looks better than this game (on the PC). **shakes fist at consoles for the being the lowest common denominator**

BUT - this game is fun no matter what it looks like! Should keep me tied over until Divinity 2 and Mass Effect 2 come out.

LazyDevs3274d ago

Funny how the pretty much look exactly the same, even though they try to adjust the camera around to make the 360 version look worse or zoom it in to loose some detail or raise the gamma to make it look a little more washed out. But hey whatever floats peoples boats.

Unicron3274d ago

Conspiracy LazyDev! Conspiracy! Blah blah...

In all seriousness... is anyone else just purely miffed that the "successor" to Baldur's Gate is only single player? That pretty much instantly turned me off to grabbing this title sadly.

Elaine Benes3274d ago

360 is a static system, in settings and hardware.
PC's can be tweaked to get 4x the visuals that the 360 version has.
I hate it when we compare things to PC versions or game altogether.

frostypants3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Anyone else notice the CPU stats they posted? Looks like the quad core CPU I dropped in my PC can finally show off a little vs. the dual core I almost bought.

Where is the PS3 in this comparison? It's supposed to be the one that comes closest to the PC in terms of visuals.

In any event, I am SO downloading this tonight. Props to the developers for making 3 very solid versions of the game, but for still taking some advantage of the strengths offered by each platform.

Tony P3274d ago

"In all seriousness... is anyone else just purely miffed that the "successor" to Baldur's Gate is only single player? That pretty much instantly turned me off to grabbing this title sadly."

You talk as if MP was what made BG so great a franchise. It didn't.

No MP no buy for an RPG?

What has gaming become.

maxxb1173273d ago

I don't really give a rat's ass about the graphics, they look the same without comparison. What really matters here is the controls: you can't zoom in and out of your character on console versions, you're limited to a skill wheel for your skills, and if you want some RTS in your console game... forget it. The way to go here is the PC version, good graphics or not.

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ezcex3274d ago

No more comparing to the PS3 because it is not worth it.

Hellsvacancy3274d ago

Nah its coz the Ps3 out-shines even the Pc version :-P

raztad3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

In fact the PS3 version is the one to be compared with the PC. Xbox version is behind in term of overall look. I guess the author of this comparison only has a xbox360.

Oh, I got a disagree, here is couple of links for you dude:

but just in case you are lazy, let me quote the relevant paragraph:

"The PlayStation 3 version features higher-quality textures than those on the Xbox 360, better color saturation, smoother facial animations, and shorter load times."

Gamespot DAO review.

dragonyght3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

the author just missed the memo where the ps3 being definitive version of the two

DelbertGrady3274d ago

The PS3 version was developed by hyper intelligent alien lifeforms and is a 100 times better than the PC version, which makes it 1 000 000 times better than the 360 version.

LazyDevs3274d ago

Thas funny cause when installed on the HDD on the 360 it looks exactly the same as the PS3 version and has better franerate.

3274d ago
raztad3274d ago


So much hate dude, lacking some moneis to get a PS3?


Well, I dont know, I dont have a xbox to test that claim by myself (in fact I'm not sure if it worthy), but anyways that is Gamespot verdict not mine.

jjohan353274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I too was debating on which platform to get, whether it's 360 or PS3. I was hoping that Bioware would add keyboard/mouse support on the PS3.

Highwayman3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I am curious Raztad. Are you really putting so much faith into GameSpot and what they say? I mean, it's common knowledge on here that Gamespot are biased and whatnot...or so PS3 fanboys claim. Now, I could swear that you don't like the Xbox? So, naturally you and many others will use that one review as reference in some futile attempt to "prove" that the PS3 is better, because some reviewer said so.
Therefore I would say that this is in the eye of the beholder as it truly is, making your argument moot. I find that both console versions compliment each other rather nicely with not one console version having a noticeable difference over the other.

While the console versions visuals are lacking the PC will outshine them all. The PS3 doesn't have this huge leap in visual quality over the 360 version.

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DigitalAnalog3274d ago

I don't get it, I can clearly see that the PC version has the sharper looking images

StanLee3274d ago

It's the horrible translation.

Bigpappy3274d ago

Looks great to me. You would not see me post here until tonight, may be. But I will post my thoughts then.I plan to install this one on the hard drive.


Install it on hard drive man it will make it uncompressed (Thanks bioware for the 360 Hard Drive optimization) and look great to bad about the people without hard drive they have to play with lower textures than the PS3 or 360 with HDD's.

jjohan353274d ago

No proof to back up that statement. I'm sure the review sites would have mentioned that if HDD installation did improve textures, but they didn't. The ONLY article that mentioned anything about HDD installation optimization was a blog entry posted before the game's release. I've never even heard of a game that improves its graphics upon installation on the 360. Framerate maybe. Loading times yes. Graphics? I don't think so unless you can post reliable sources.

jjohan353274d ago

For the idiots that clicked disagree, I'd love to see/read your sources. If you have reliable sources other than a link to a blog entry, I'm quite happy to retract my statement about the HDD installation making zero difference on graphics as well as calling you an idiot. I'm not joking. I'd love to see it because I haven't decided whether to buy this game for my 360 or PS3.

jjohan353273d ago

Krussidull sent me a PM providing a link to that exact blog entry as his source. I'm sorry but that website is nothing more than a blogging site that has no reliable sources. It's statement is not backed up by any major gaming site, developer, or manufacturer. That blogging site is spreading false rumors and myths.

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NiteX3274d ago

These comparisons with PC vs console are always stupid and pointless, everyone and their mother knows PC will always look better.

TheIneffableBob3274d ago

But it's always fun to see how much better.

frostypants3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

NiteX, from a graphical perspective consoles are getting closer with every generation. Plus just because PCs CAN push much better graphics, doesn't mean developers will always take advantage.

In fact, they rarely do anymore. The best looking game on the PC is still Crysis, and it came out 2 flippin' years ago. 2 YEARS! That's ancient history in the gaming world. Devs just don't see the cost-benefit of putting in the steadily increasing resources necessary to truly take advantage of what the latest PC hardware can do visually.

I mean, look at this game and MW2...sure, the PC versions are a little better, but it's hardly the dramatic PC vs. console difference you'd have seen just 5 years ago.

evrfighter3274d ago

"sure, the PC versions are a little better, but it's hardly the dramatic PC vs. console difference you'd have seen just 5 years ago."

In the pc's defense there hasn't been a developer pushing pc hardware like they were 5 years ago.

It may seem like consoles are catching up. But when a developer cannot tap pc hardware BECAUSE of consoles. That's not catching up. All in all consoles "catching up" is nothing more than a simple illusion.

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