GameSpot: Dragon Age: Origins 360 Review

GameSpot writes: "The differences between versions aren't limited to the interface. Dragon Age doesn't look amazing on the PC, but it's an attractive game nonetheless. Zooming from an isometric view to a third-person perspective is slick, and while environments don't hold up quite as well when viewed up close, they're consistently lovely when viewed from above. On the flip side, the Xbox 360 version looks positively disappointing. Textures are highly compressed and colors are washed out, though the upside is that this version maintains a smoother frame rate than on the PlayStation 3, where things might get jittery when swiveling the camera around.

The PlayStation 3 version features higher-quality textures than those on the Xbox 360, better color saturation, smoother facial animations, and shorter load times. Minor visual hiccups, like corpses that disappear and reappear, are a bit more common on the PS3, however. The PC version is the superior experience, but if you're choosing between the two console releases, the PlayStation 3 has the upper hand. Some minor glitches are shared between the console versions, however, such as rare occasions when the soundtrack or voice-overs disappear. We also ran into a few quest malfunctions that could be replicated on all three platforms, though they were relatively minor and did not interfere with the progress of the main quest. "

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IcyJoker1875321d ago

Superior PS3 version confirmed.

raztad5321d ago

LOL. This is funny as hell, after 1000 articles discussing how superior Bayonetta is in the xbox, DA results to run and look better on the PS3. Karma is a b!tch.

On topic: This game is looking more interesting by the day. I'm not sure if I'd enjoy it though, I havent played Baldurs Gate or something similar before, but the story and the world look pure win.

mastiffchild5321d ago

Thing is though, Raz, that the differences in both cases are minimal. I played the Bayonetts PS3 demo and while it demonstrated to me what I thought it might(that Kamiya and Platinum had been a little lazy overall and made DMC with breasts and more silliness and should have made both versions)it didn't show the awful performance that's been reported elsewhere and blown out of all proportion.

I imagine if you only have one or the other cnsole and like the look o feither game you won't feel badly xconned by getting your version-if people wouldn't keep making comparisons over tiny things. Even as a dula console owner I don't think these little things add up to enough to alter your console of choice for multis as they just aren't as big as, say, controller pref or where your mayes game. To me, anyway, Bayonetta didn't seem like a case anywhere near he league of The Orange Box.

Honestly, imo, these things are being really put inder the microscope but aren't in any way the issues they're made out to be-not in mos cases anyway and not by a long way either.

OT it looks like the Bioware guys were being straight with all their "PS3 dev went smoother than expected" stuff and to reach parity with the 360 on their first go is a pretty good job, imo. Still not sure about the combat in DA:O and will have to see exactly how it plays for myself as the reviews I've read seem to confuse the issue-saying they like it but not explaining what it makes you do or how you do it very well! Maybe I'm just tired and emotional though!

Silellak5321d ago (Edited 5321d ago )

Console schmonsole. I play most of my games on a console these days, but Dragon Age is the sort of game that BEGS to be played on the PC - especially with the toolset.

Cold 20005321d ago (Edited 5321d ago )

I wonder if PS3 diehards are going to get the "superior PC version" like they always say whenever a game is on 360/PC.

As for me I was planning on getting this on 360, like almost all my miltiplats but I might just go PS3 this time around.

nycredude5321d ago

Looks like a D&D version of Mass Effect, including the bugs and glitches! I'll pick up a copy tonight! :P

Loved Mass Effect.

raztad5321d ago (Edited 5321d ago )


I definitely agree that the whole comparison between version stuff is only relevant for multiconsole owners. Single console owners will get the game unless is broken or unplayable. I used to buy a lot of games on the PS2 that always looked better on the xbox, I enjoyed them throughly regardless the xbox version.

LazyDevs5321d ago

Hey great another Bioware game with no multiplayer or no co-op. And this game screams co-op in every aspect, so i will have to give the finger to this game and pass. I have to much other stuff to play.

leeger5321d ago

they will most likely get the PS3 version, not because it is the most superior but simply because they prefer it, it's just that when a game is PC/360 only the only option they have is the PC, granting they don't own a 360. And we have to admit it most of the time the PC version is indeed superior than the console version, and we also have to admit it that a PC is a gaming platform different from the PS3, 360, and Wii, so if a game is PS3/PC it is not a PS3 exclusive, the same thing can be said if a game is 360/PC it is not a 360 exclusive, it's just that some people here keeps on saying that since PCs use Windows and Windows is owned by MS which is also the maker of the Xbox360, any game that is 360/PC is considered as an exclusive, which is kinda stupid imo.

meepmoopmeep5321d ago (Edited 5321d ago )

"The PlayStation 3 version features higher-quality textures than those on the Xbox 360, better color saturation, smoother facial animations, and shorter load times."

Bioware weren't kidding when they said they were excited working on the PS3 hardware

Rampant5321d ago

I've heard on this site that every console owner also has a gaming pc, so everyone gets the superior version!!!!

Jsynn75321d ago

I'm sure these glitches can be fixed through patches. I don't understand why he keeps bringing these things up when it's really not a big deal(disappearing/reappearing corpses? Is that really worth mentioning?). I think he's stealth trolling. I think he's just trying to ignite another fanboy fight of "my platform's version is better than your platform's version!". Honestly, if these bugs and glitches to don't hinder gameplay, then it's no big deal. Like I said earlier, BW will come out with patches to fix these things. I'm sure this guy knows that but he's just being a douche. This game looks awesome so I'll be picking it up.

pangitkqb5321d ago

I love my consoles - seeing as I regularly game on PS3 & 360 - but games appearing on all three platforms simply run better, with more options, on a powerful gaming PC. It is simple logic that a console with specs from 2005 (360) and 2006 (PS3) doesn't have the capability of a PC built specifically for gaming in October 2009.

Anyway, I'm still loving Uncharted 2 on PS3 and Borderlands on 360.

snp5321d ago

Actually yes in my case. If there's a version of something out for the PC in superior form, unless it's of a genre i prefer on a console (platformers etc), i'll always get the cheaper and better version with - to my preferences - better controls - ie. the PC (and if i want to run it on my 50" 1080P Plasma, i've got a cable for that to).

Can't speak for everyone, but in my case this high spec games capable PC i'm typing this on actually exists, and is more often than not the best and cheapest version of Xbox/PC games (usually erroneously mislabelled 'xbox exclusives!') or PS3/Xbox/PC games.

dragunrising5321d ago

It beats me why anyone would brag about superior graphics in an otherwise plain/average game. If game play is the main attraction (as it is in EVERY Bioware game) why are we harping about graphics...especially those on the console?

Its obvious which version is the best: PC. It includes the toolset, traditional Balder's Gate perspective, superior graphics, and increased difficulty.

corneliuscrust5321d ago (Edited 5321d ago )

Why does this game get a pass? Because it is bioware? It looks worse than the original ME. Even the PC version looks pale compared to some of the recent console releases... hope the gameplay is stellar

snp5321d ago (Edited 5321d ago )

I've heard on this site that every console owner also has a gaming pc, so everyone gets the superior version!!!!

Wouldn't say 'every console owner also has a gaming pc', but certainly a portion do.

Me for one. And i have Mass Effect, Halo, Fable etc sitting on the shelf right here. Hell, i think for a segment of PS3 owners the lesser redundancy of PS3/PC over 360/PC broadly speaking, is a 'part' of their choosing the PS3 over the 360 (i know it played a part in my decision, already owning the PC). Probably why it irritates when folks disingenuously want to claim one or another game is exclusive to a console if and when it in fact is also on the PC in a cheaper and better version.

It is nice to notice Xbox users have sighted the existence of a PC version this time round, though - if perhaps a bit cynical.

PS: Should add, 5% - whether it be this or Bayonetta, or some other game being fine-toothed by fanboys to give the impression one or another multiplaform title is 'really only good on - and by extension belongs to - 'platform x' - doesn't really mean anything real world. Without the slightest trace of cynicism, i'll say sure all versions will be fine.

raztad5321d ago


Not every PC is built the same way. Mine is good enough to run a PC game at 1280x720 with med-high settings or 1920x1080 with lower detail and the framerate usually suffers. It's far from being a "dream PC" but I'm not upgrading just to have the ultimate looking game. PS3 is my preferred gaming hardware, PC is there when I need it, ie for PC/xbox "exclusives".

Montrealien5321d ago (Edited 5321d ago )

Great review for a great game. If you want to get the superior version grab the PC version, if you want a console version, grab it on the PS3 of the 360, which ever console fits you needs and or preferences.

If you want to fight over which console version is better, I would suggest you get up from infront of your computer right now, go to your bathroom, look yourself in the mirror and punch yourself in the face, hard. It will be easier and come down to about the same result.

With that said, I will be playing chess with a buddy of mine tonight, he has a great chess set, graphics have not changed much in that game for over a thousand years and the game is still a blast to play.

KRUSSIDULL5321d ago (Edited 5321d ago )

Gamespot missed that the 360 version is better with the game installed on the hard drive (Its optimized http://n4g.com/NewsCom-4210... it uncompresses the game. PS3 version doesn't need to compress the game thats why it loads faster and textures looks better, ask Bioware.
So the conclusion is that 360 version is the better IF you install it on the HDD so you get PS3 quality textures and better framerate

Edit: Disagree the fact stupid fanboys.

tordavis5321d ago (Edited 5321d ago )

@reztard - Bioware originally pushed the release date back on the PS3 version to tweak it more. If the PS3 has more power, then devs should be utilizing it. This has nothing to do with Karma it's all about what the devs can do with the hardware. People fail to realize that PS3 tech is a year newer than the 360 and most games SHOULD shine a little more on the PS3. However, again this depends on the devs and the engine.

@Montrealien - Best post of the week! Bubbles!

nycredude5321d ago (Edited 5321d ago )

WTF... 360 version .5 lower than Ps3 version? From Gamespot no less! WTF... What happened here?

>>scratches head<<


I completely agree with you. Great post, but I have a cheap, plastic chess set from Toys R Us, and I would much prefer to play on a nice glass or marble one. Alas, i can't afford one since all my money is going towards video games!

stevenhiggster5321d ago


People are disagreeing with you because you are talking nonsence. You say that if the XBOX version is installed then it is the better one, yet in the same sentence say you will get PS3 quality. So if you install it to get PS3 quality how can it be better? Surely it would be the same?
You just proved yourself to be a rather stupid fanboy.

Troll_Police5321d ago

Ahhh, here's Torrence Davis like clockwork to defend his beloved Xbox 360. Don't you have work to do at your Xboxbag.com site?