IGN: Dragon Age: Origins AU Review

When publisher Black Isle Studios closed its doors, the Baldur's Gate saga ended abruptly, leaving fans of the High Fantasy RPG series with few other options as polished and fully-realised as Shadows of Amn and its expansion, Throne of Baal. When Bioware took up the crown itself, eventually wowing a legion of players with Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect, a new RPG heavyweight had assured its place in the tomes of gaming lore.

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Feral Gamer5323d ago

Somewhat disappointed by the graphics :(

blitz06235323d ago

Honestly I'm quite disappointed with the score. I'm still getting this game nonetheless. I hope it gets a good score from the main IGN review...

raztad5323d ago


If you dont mind the graphics and sound (voiceovers) this game promises to be a quite solid experience. 8.4 is not bad by any means.

mugoldeneagle035323d ago

Times are extremely tight around my house and I was waiting for some Dragon Age reviews before I started pre-ordering and this score doesn't help, especially since its the 360 version too (I expect the PS3 version to be lower, and that's the console I'd buy it on)

Looks like I might pass on this until I find work, hopefully soon, and narrow my decision down to Demon Souls, R&C ACIT & ACII. Or who knows maybe the US review will be higher, hopefully. I was looking forward to it.

Nihilism5323d ago (Edited 5323d ago )

I'm very interested to see how it looks graphically on pc, the last few good pc rpg's for me have been fallout 3, the witcher, mass effect and kotor...so not a lot recently, i'm sure it will surpass all the games i just mentioned in the graphics department...i hope it will :S

But graphics aside, i know this game is going to blow my mind

Darkstorn5323d ago

Hmmmm. I was expecting this to receive a considerably better score. Still might purchase it, though.

Sarcasm5323d ago

I've heard from a friend that the graphics are glitchy, even on the 360 version. I'm scared on how the PS3 version's going to be.

champ215323d ago

pc version should look great ;-)

t8505323d ago

pc version dragon age all the way...

mines being pre-loaded via steam.. almost done.

calis5323d ago

Graphics were always going to be average, it's a massive RPG.

ElementX5323d ago

Well, I know it's a large game, but I'm sort of upset that you travel on a map without getting to walk around the world. Bummer! It's unfortunate to see that they graphics look dated about 4 years. I'm sure it'll be a fun game though. I'll pick it up tomorrow.

Montrealien5323d ago

I have been playing this game since friday, I am working on a Elf warrior atm and I tried out the mage origin Yesterday. All I have to say is that the game is amazing and I am loving every bit of it. I am not disappointed in the score because its a great score for a great game from 1 person.

But I must say, I am really getting tired of all the self proclaimed know it alls thinking a game needs a 9-10 to be a good score and then being disappointed because one of the reviews was an 84%, it must be so boring to be like that.

frostypants5322d ago (Edited 5322d ago )

@1.8, judging by the recommended system requirements, the PC version will look marginally better, just like Fallout 3 looked marginally better on PCs, but it won't be the huge leap in image quality you'd have seen a few years ago. Developers don't put much time into dolling up PC versions anymore.

That said the PC version is still the one to own, primarily given the inclusion of the top-down view that is missing in the console versions. Plus, it's cheaper.

jjohan355322d ago

Does anyone know if this game supports bluetooth keyboard/mouse on the PS3? I no longer have a PC game system.

pangitkqb5322d ago

I can crank the graphics to levels the consoles will never see. Don't get me wrong, I love console gaming, but Massive RPGs with countless items like this scream to be played on PC with a mouse and keyboard for all too many reasons.

MEsoJD5322d ago (Edited 5322d ago )

Rapes this Game.

Don't get wrong I had interest in this game for my PC but I don't like

the combat system and art.

likedamaster5322d ago

If the graphics are the least bit decent, this game will NOT disappoint.

BlackTar1875322d ago

I agree 84 is a great score 9's and 10's are the plague of this generation not that they dont deserve them but where i went to school if i got a 84 on my test i was pretty happy. You guys must be genius where anything less then a A =failure which means you are probably gonna wind up being unhappy and bored most of your life.

Like i always say some of my favorite games of all time werent reveiewed the highest or well received its a kinda push the hype hype hype all day long and now people think hype=good

mastiffchild5322d ago

Dudes-you can't just blame the punters for the review situation. If reviewers used all the numbers avaiable to them and five/six was the average game's score then I'd agree sompletely with your assertion that pepople are too picky but when some pretty average games get 8/10 and some 7/10 games are barely playable who do you really blame?

Reviewers suffer the horrors of the pressure from fanboys, devs and publishers and as a result we've ended up with a susyem where many condense their marks between the 6(for crap) to 10(for great but NOT always near perfect games)out of ten range. In this system where games as widely reviled as GTA4 get 10/10s and games as weak as Haze get 7/10s at many sites how do you expect gamers to all be level headed over this?

The time has really come where, unless you know of a reviewer who has opinions that nearly always match yours for games or a particular genre, you should just read the words of a few of the better sites/mags and ignore the bloody scoring system. Marking with the decimal(or just a percentage of 100) does allow more deatail in the score but it's still stuck at the 7-10 mark most of the time so, yeah, people are getting very demnding(though with so many decent to great games about that's understandable even from a purely financial PoV)but is it all their fault?

IMO the reviews scoring system as we know it is garbled and inaccurate for a number of reasons(just how often do you find a reviews words bear no relation to the score?).

As far as this one goes, while I'm interested to see whether their bravado over the dev on PS3 was so much hot air and would thus like to try that version I'm really not sure the combat's for me and it isn't really clear from anything I've watched or read so far. Also, with Xmas on the way money's an issue(esp when a game's a time sink like this will be-you want to make sure your time and financial investments are sound, surely?)do reason is there to be really sure about what you buy-as a rental would be pointless you're a the mercy of a review unless [prepred to wait for a few mates to have payed and tell you what they feel.

Review scores though-becoming redundant.

Controversy5322d ago

I'm starving for a great, captivating RPG.

Tony P5322d ago

Been at playing a while and it's fine. It deserves an above average score and an 8 is just that.

To the gfx whores, if you're skipping a RPG because the graphics aren't up to your "standards" then you're kind of missing the point. Maybe RPGs aren't for you.

pain777pas5322d ago

This is a PC game. If your computer can run it, then that is the version to buy. Mods will be a plenty and seem to be able to be better intergrated than even Oblivion judging from the mod video that I saw. I cannot wait to play this game on the PC. If the PS3 gets mods support than I may get that version aswell. Yes I said it aswell!

DaTruth5322d ago

I have limited room for games, I can only play so many. If I can buy 10 games in a year(for example), then I prefer they be 10/10 games than 8/10 games provided they are all games that I am interested in. But obviously I prefer an 8/10 i'm interested in than a 10/10 of a genre I don't like!

Some people might look at the 9.2/10 for Demon's Souls with the graphics that destroy Dragon's Age 8.4/10's terrible graphics!

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Bigpappy5323d ago

I have not payed much attention to LOTR, so those elements may seem new to me. As long as the story flows well and I get to kill and collect lots of stuff, I'll be quite happy. I have never played a Bioware RPG that I did not enjoy. Something tells me that is not about to change. I will give my reviews as I progress through the game. Borderland got a lot of 8's and that game is a lot more fun that some games with 9.5's and 10's. 8.4 is not bad by any measure.

RememberThe3575323d ago

Story is the last thing you need to worry about. But I agree 100% I'm sure I'll love this game regardless of the score.