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EA to blame customers for Dead Space sales instead of themselves

Nintendo DPad writes: "We have all seen the numbers behind Dead Space Extraction, and frankly, they're horrible. Unfortunately, EA will in turn blame Wii customers for not buying into their mature title efforts."

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ndpad5378d ago (Edited 5378d ago )

Really wish more third parties would take Wii seriously. It is no wonder third party sales are low on most games.

nycredude5378d ago

They should have called it:

WiiSpace: Dead Extraction

I kid... I kid... Hmm...

STK0265378d ago

they tried. Red Steel (decent), No more heroes (very fun, but wans't exactly good looking), MadWorld (fun, beautiful but black and white isn't for everyone), House of the dead Overkill (very fun, but short), The Conduit (nice visuals, good controls, but bland and the story was pretty bad), Dead Space Extraction (fun, good looking, but a rail shooter) and murasama (great game overall). But the thing is, none of these sold really well. Some did good, but not X360-good (saying X360 since it has the highest attach rate, or does it? argh, can't remember...). It's sad to say, but the market simply isn't there it would seem. Maybe it's because it's pretty easy to have backup games play on the Wii, or maybe because there's just too many kids and "casuals" owning Wiis, but either way, you have like 50 millions Wiis sold in the World, and most third party "core" games don'T reach the million mark. On the other hand, both the 360 and the PS3 have many third party games reaching the million mark, yet each has about half the market share that the Wii has.

erathaol5378d ago (Edited 5378d ago )

I like how the Wii continues to perplex developers/publishers. When considering Nintendo's history with their last 2 consoles and third party support its a very humorous twist of fate.

slipkoRn5378d ago

If they were to make a sequel on hd consoles they have to put the black suit as their main or give the player options.

AKNAA5378d ago

"EA needs to understand that Wii core owners are no different than those of Xbox or PS3 core owners, we all want quality."

LOL! Not up to wii fit standards I guess... what a shame I tell you.
those third party developers who made madworld, house of the dead and no more heroes are just as disappointing!! argh! they are so not taking wii titles seriously!!!

wii fit. wii sports. Nuff said! damn lazy a$$ developers.

p.s I will buy DS: extractions when it comes on the PS3 when their motion control is released.

ABizzel15378d ago

EA is right to blame the Wii audience, because they only buy Nintendo games. The majority of "Hardcore 3rd party title" have done horrible numbers on the Wii especially considering it has an install base of over 50 million (Resident Evil 4 being one of the few exceptions selling 1.6 million). No More Heroes considered one of the best games on the Wii only sold 500k which is good, but when you have 50 millions systems your game should be pushing 1 million easy.

The problem is for one Dead Space only did ok on the 360 and PS3 until the price was dropped to $40 and $30 which is when sales picked up. The Wii isn't the place for third parties, the PS3 and 360 are.

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edhe5378d ago

It's not the devs that aren't doing it right - it's the publishers.

Have you seen one advert for DSE on primetime? The wii audience watches more telly than browser windows. What they need to do is a two-part marketing campaign, 15 seconds each side of the ad break, on major shows that families watch.

Advertise that it's a Wii Exclusive, easy to play, coop experience and try to impart some of the dramatic tension of the game, not the graphics or the story.

Redempteur5378d ago

" The original Dead Space was unable to pass the million mark on either of the HD consoles.
How successful did EA expect Extraction to be when making it on-rails? "

And if anyone know the answer, please tell me ...

sikbeta5378d ago

EA, in order to get more sales next time try to put this titles:

Mario Space: Extraction
Luigi Space: Extraction
wii sports Space: Extraction
kirby Space: Extraction
pikachu Space: Extraction

IMO these titles sound better, but I don't think will sell better

Dead Mario: Extraction
Dead luigi: Extraction
Dead wii sport: Extraction
Dead kirby: Extraction
Dead pikachu: Extraction

coolfool5377d ago

I have a few points:

The game reviewed pretty well.
The content is definitely mature.
I think "proper" hardcore gamers wouldn't have bought the wii anyway.
From a "real life" perspective, my friend has this game and absolutely loves it. He has no problem with the on-rails nature of it.

I guess I don't understand what the real problem is. For the most part the wii buyers really ARE a different demographic to PS3 and 360 buyers so why would you pretend it isn't?

Isaac5377d ago

Half of Wii games sold with the Wii are Nintendo games. The fact that the Wii sells with Wii Sports doesn't help much, many casuals just get the Wii for that game and never buy another game again (let alone use their Wii). Others just buy it for exercising and maybe get an additional controller (that's what Wii Play is for). So basically Nintendo has those three game sales almost guaranteed, and if it's not those, then the Nintendo fanboys will get one of the dozens of Mario games that are available on the platform (Mario Galaxy, Paper Mario, Mario Galaxy 2, Mario Strikers, Mario and Sonic 1, New Super Mario Bros (LBP rip-off), Mario Kart Gamecube 1.5, Mario and Sonic 2, Mario Party, Smash Bros Melee 1.5, etcetera), and maybe Zelda, Pokemon and Metroid. Then the rest is basically for those third party ports from last-gen franchises (Resident Evil, Okami, Bully) or established franchises (Call of Duty, Rockband, Guitar Hero) and shovelware (games that imitate the Wii brand like "Active" from ea or more Wii crap). What are they left with? New IP for hardcore games that flops because no serious gamer buys a Wii.

The fact that the Wii has a negligible amount of internal flash memory, and the virtual console and Wii Ware can't be anything other than Epic fails.

I sometimes wonder if Nintendo would make more money by going multiplatform, that way they would save R&D in making consoles, they would have a huge install base with all platforms, and they could sell their add-ons/accessories the same way EA and Activision sell theirs with their games. I also doubt they would make crappy ports for other consoles, they would most likely take advantage of the hardware they would use. I would love to see what Miyamoto would be capable of doing with 50GB Blu-ray, cell processor and a new add-on of his choice for the Zelda franchise.

ChickeyCantor5377d ago

" New Super Mario Bros (LBP rip-off)"

O the irony.... HAHAHAHA.

" The fact that the Wii has a negligible amount of internal flash memory, and the virtual console and Wii Ware can't be anything other than Epic fails. "

It goes up to 32Gb, of course if you buy one of them SD-cards.
And i dont see how those 2 service's are "epic fail".

You sure you dont have the fanboy gene?
Well onwards you go, Sony is waiting for you soldier!

flash745377d ago

I really enjoyed the first Dead Space on the 360, and I lok forward to any future installments like that. I will admit though, I have absolutely no interest in any on-the-rails shooter. Those games just flat out don't appeal to the masses. The only time they ever see play is at an arcade like House of the Dead series. Why they choose to blame Wii players for there lack of success is a joke. Port it to the PS3 and the 360, and the sales will flop there too. What a shame that all that time and effort was wasted rather than using it to make a sequel to the first one.

dabri55377d ago

Miyamoto would probably make a game about jogging or something. It would use not even 1/30th of the space provided by BlueRay and would probably run off a DS game engine.

Face it. Miyamoto has stated this himself. He doesn't care about games anymore. He is more interested in toys. This is exactly why you see the accessory happy Wii.

I'm not saying the guy knows how to make some money, but if you think he would crank out something special with better hardware, you are wrong. He just doesn't care about that stuff. He especially doesn't care about cranking out as much as he can from hardware.

ChickeyCantor5377d ago (Edited 5377d ago )

Actually catguy,
If you read miyamoto's interviews its clearly obvious he sometimes points out( but in a subtle way) that he is also frustrated due the Specs of the Wii. Any developer wants to have more power to expand their ideas.

And he has been making games for years, saying he doesn't care seems a bit out of this world.

" but if you think he would crank out something special with better hardware, you are wrong."

Actually you are wrong, he clearly stated in his last interview that he will make use of the hardware at hand.
Its also up to the Art-directors and such to put out a good final product not just miyamoto, gamedesign/development is pretty broad you know.

otherZinc5377d ago

I've purchased every EA sports game since 1989. Now, I wont buy **** until everyone can make an NFL Football game.

**** all EA Games until that contract is over!

thesummerofgeorge5377d ago (Edited 5377d ago )

they knew it was a risk, unless they're oblivious to the fact that the wii is the tricycle of gaming consoles, so noone's really to blame, it just didn't work out... but if anyone were to blame, it's not little 7 year old timmy's mom for not buying him dead space.

Isaac5377d ago

Wow, you addressed nothing with your mindless "HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA". The new mario that's coming out has plenty of similarities to LBP, like the fact that it's a co-op platformer. Sure, Mario invented platformers, but LBP invented create/share/play.

Also, how many of those Wii's actually have 32 GB on them? Most have somewhere between 512MB-2GB. Even 32GB is too little, that's why Sony and Microsoft are selling 120-250GB storage solutions.

Are you sure you don't have the fanboy gene yourself? *looks at comment history* *Nintendo fanboy confirmed*

I never denied having a preference; but I love Nintendo games and I'm sure Nintendo and everybody else would do better if Nintendo was a multiplatform company (not just software because they could sell a sh1tload of peripherals).

ChickeyCantor5377d ago

"Wow, you addressed nothing with your mindless "

Actually i addressed something with the "irony" part.
If you truly believe NSMBWII is a LBP rip-off i suggest you jump out of the window now.

" Even 32GB is too little, that's why Sony and Microsoft are selling 120-250GB storage solutions. "

Wii's content does not go up to 1080P,games do not take gigs of data, therefor the 32GB will suffice.

ReviewsArePolitics5377d ago (Edited 5377d ago )

@Isaac, almost completely agree with you, except I own a Wii and I buy many of the games that don't sell that much. I am probably one of the less than 100,000 on the Wii though...

@Sidar, you still failed to address the dozens of valid points Isaac brought to the table, so your "laugh" is still a pitiful attempt at... whatever you were trying to accomplish, lol. Did you not have anything better to say?

Oh, and how many of those Wii owners have a 32GB? So since Wii isn't HD, it doesn't need as much storage? Not everything related with storage has to do with resolution. And again, how many have MORE than 512 MB or 2GB? You fail.

"If you truly believe NSMBWII is a LBP rip-off i suggest you jump out of the window now. "

Instead of addressing Isaac's point, or acknowledging any similarities, you resort to this? And you call others fanboys? lmao

corneliuscrust5377d ago

Sidar is saying it is IRONIC because you're saying Mario (amongst the ORIGINS of platforming) is ripping off LBP.

And he's laughing because it's pretty funny that anyone could seriously think that at all. If you are hinting at the simultaneous multiplayer aspect, New Super Mario Bros had that on DS... there's not really much ground to stand on if you're saying a MARIO game is a rip of a recent platformer