Forza 3 vs NFS: SHIFT comparison - Silverstone and Laguna Seca

Gameswire has uploaded a direct screenshot comparison between Forza 3 and Need for Speed: SHIFT, showing the Audi RS4 driving around Laguna Seca, and the Nissan Skyline R34 driving around Silverstone.

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GR8 15398d ago

Why are there so many its not gonna change peoples mind on which to buy.

From Metacritic

Need for speed shift:84

Forza Motorsport 3:93

Tells its own story, i tried shift demo and it looked awful compared to forza 3 demo,Im sure people who played both would know.

talltony5397d ago

You can see in the windows in shift but can barely see inside the black windows in forza 3.
Example: http://www.gameswire.net/co...

Another note based off of the forza 3 demo you cant look around in the interior of the car. When you look left or right in the incar view it jumps to a outside camera so it doesnt have to render any of the interiors too much. It is the complete opposite in shift.

ArcticWolfUK5397d ago

i played both, both games have shiny plastic cars, nfs got better damage n gameplay. but forza has more depth.

at the end of the day

borgome5397d ago

Look at all those jaggies on the PS3 version.

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gameangel5398d ago

Reviews are all well and good, but it's nice to see the games' relative detail next to each other.

Well, it is for me anyway.

jack who5398d ago

Need for speed shift try to use psn on xbl nuff said

danthegardner5398d ago

not nuff said, because I don't have the game and I don't know what you mean.

Noctis5398d ago

shift looks better to me, IMO :/

5398d ago
Hellsvacancy5398d ago (Edited 5398d ago )

Silverstone? SWEET thats 5 miles from where i live (Northampton)

Arthur_5398d ago

Enjoy your motion blur effects lol.
Shift aint got nothin on Forza.
But nice try EA. :) You get an E for Effort.

MrJack5397d ago

Talk about sterile environments, GT5:P had more life thn this.

darkequitus5397d ago

1. Play them both side by side and the difference in frame rate is so apparent.

2. NFS:S is blur. If that is better for you, then good luck

3. Forza's 3 Scenery is clearly more detailed and the cars.

4. You are probably one of these people that anything Microsoft is -ve

5. I will take the word of insidesimracing.tv/ as they know about racing games, because that is all they do.

SuperM5397d ago

In defense of Forza 3, it does run at 60 fps so naturally shift should look better. However there is no way Forza is beating GT5 in graphics, not even remotely close.

siyrobbo5397d ago

having played both i can say that forza is much better than shift as a whole, the graphics are nicer, the game plays soooo much better, the handling etc

shift is good for a need for speed game, but thats not really saying much

Kattleox5397d ago

the exterior is Forza's epitome. I'd like to see some interior views: thats where NFS really shines. The interiors surpass even the ones that were in GT, IMHO.

Shift also has a far superior sense of speed than Forza, and I'd have to say GT also. Its the first racing sim I have played that actually feels like driving feels. If it had more than 60 cars (20 less than Prologue) I would have bought it by now.

VanHalen5397d ago

Thats what ive been trying to tell some of these Forza kid fanatics!

soxfan20055397d ago (Edited 5397d ago )

"Microsoft first party exclusive bested by EA multiplatform title."

Ignorant statement as usual. The only thing NFS has over Forza is slightly better graphics. Based on how each game plays, it's clear that EA made many sacrifices in the areas of physics and control in order to obtain those better graphics. Of course, I don't blame EA - after all, NFS is an arcade racer and Forza is a sim. Arcade racers are supposed to look better and control worse.

I guess if you're shallow enough to care only about graphics in a racing game, you would think the way you do.

"Bested"? In your dreams.

N4G king5397d ago (Edited 5397d ago )

but turn 10 used to say
1- forza is the best racing sim in everything
2- forza is the only racing sim this gen or year or whatever

and now you come around and say
"The only thing NFS has over Forza is slightly better graphics"

it looks like turn 10 and forza fans that used to hype the game (with all that bullshots turn10 used to show) are now eating their words

and this is only to a multiplat
what happens when GT5 comes out ??
I don’t think they'll appear at all

Darkseider5397d ago

You stated:

"Ignorant statement as usual. The only thing NFS has over Forza is slightly better graphics."

That's the whole point of this SCREENSHOT comparison. Nothing else. So you have just admitted what everyone else had just said. NFS:Shift looks better than Forza 3.

5397d ago
soxfan20055397d ago (Edited 5397d ago )

You just don't get it. If Turn 10 had sacrificed realistic physics and control as EA did, Forza 3 could have easily outshined NFS graphically. Fortunately, Turn 10 realizes that accurate physics and control are FAR more important that graphics. Besides, Forza 3 still looks great. You don't average a 93 review score unless you get nearly everything right.

HolyOrangeCows5397d ago

You call those bumper car reactions ''physics''?

N4G king5397d ago (Edited 5397d ago )

"accurate physics"

yah like driving in 120 MPH and slamming in to a wall well only scratch your paint

maybe the remote damage physics that is more accurate

nah it got to be the rollover physics that turn10 and xboxfanboys used to hype
oops ... sorry
its this one

Darkseider5397d ago

No YOU just don't get it. This is a SCREENSHOT comparison, i.e.: How the game LOOKS. Not how the game plays. I never once said anything about game play but stated the same thing you did. NFS:Shift looks better. No more, no less.