The Forza Franchise Has Exceeded $1 Billion in Retail Sales

Xbox: "Today, we’re excited to share a major milestone – as of December 2016, the Forza franchise has exceeded $1 billion in retail sales."

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Overload2297d ago

Pretty much expected regarding Forza Horizon 3 (selling 2.5M units). Good numbers compared to the previous iterations.

Gazondaily2297d ago

This is good news. The best racing franchise should be supported. Glad it is. #forzaplayers

Overload2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

Selling more than the previous versions would be good news.

"The best racing franchise should be supported."

It is, very much so.

Gazondaily2297d ago

I know. 2.5 million copies isn't bad at all. Forza is smashing it, critically and now sales are reflecting that too.

I wonder if there will be a racer this gen that comes close critically. If so, we're truly in for a treat.

Overload2297d ago

It is amazing watching sales matter and not matter all at the same time. Same with what they reflect.

Gazondaily2297d ago

Quality matters more than sales. Always. And that's why Forza is at the top of the game. Horizon 3 deserves those sales because we need more games like it.

Kingthrash3602297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

Great to see some good news from forza! Retailing 1 billion bucks is a pretty good milestone. I remember gta5 did it In like a week or so. It may have taken forza longer to reach this milestone and with 10 games...but hey not many have reached that milestone.

Overload2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )


I thought sales reflected people finally seeing the quality.

"Forza is smashing it, critically and now sales are reflecting that too."

You're all over the place.

Do they only reflect quality or what it deserves when it comes to Forza?

Gazondaily2297d ago


I thought sales reflected people finally seeing the quality. "

Lets be honest- frankly terrible games have seen some strong sales. Comparatively drastically weaker racers for instance have seen even higher sales.

"You're all over the place.

Do they only reflect quality or what it deserves when it comes to Forza?"

I'm not all over the place at all. Weren't you the one downplaying the sales previously? See my link below. Its not rocket science mate. The game's quality is great. Sometimes the sales numbers dont do a great game justice. We've seen that time and time again in this industry.

Forza Horizon 3 is an excellent game and the highest rated racer this gen. Now it deserves great sales doesn't it? Its very simple.

Overload2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )


Let's get real here. 2.5M is great for Forza Horizon 3, but it's not that impressive overall. GT Sport will most likely do that very quickly. Driveclub sold 2M and that had a terrible launch.

1B sounds like a big number, but then you realise GT5 did approximately half a billion at retail alone.

Unspoken2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

Sony fanboys out in force today!

Looks like your down play is back firing.

2297d ago
Brazz2297d ago

"Give to Caesar what is Caesar's" right now Forza is number one hands down and other races need to work hard to get at Forza level...
I wonder if Polyphony digital will start to fight back whit GT, cause right now Forza is killing it.

Artemidorus2297d ago

The best? It's not April Fool's yet.

EpicZinger2296d ago

Best racing franchise is already heavily supported. More than 70 million sales to be precise.

corroios2296d ago

Both of your inicial comments are stealth trolling. Why cant you be happy with the news. Then you say others troll...

You already know that when another game arrived it will surpass those numbers maybe in the first 24 hours....

XanderZane2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

This isn't about GT Sports or Driveclub. You always need to bring some Sony games into a conversation that has nothing to do with them. Forza games have always sold the 2-4 million even when it was on the XBox 360 with over 87 million units sold. It has it's own fanbase that buy it regularly. No one cares what GT Sports or DriveClub sold. They aren't even in the article. All you want to do is TROLL XBox One articles.

Yes. Trolling Overlord has returned to another XBox One article when he most likely doesn't even own one. He was doing fine until he decided to bring Sony exclusives racers into the mix. He didn't even go for Project Cars or Need For Speed games? lmao!!

Lime1232296d ago

Fantastic numbers for FH3! Already at halfway of GT6 - the worst selling mainline Gran Turismo game.

rainslacker2296d ago

9 releases, over how many years? Retail sales over 1 billion, is anywhere between 16-20 million copies depending on the selling price(not all being $60).

It's great it makes money, don't get me wrong, but with the number of releases it's had, for how long it's been an established franchise, it's not really that remarkable.

Gazondaily2296d ago

Well if the sales don't impress you, perhaps the game itself will. For those who haven't played it, you're missing out on of the best racers ever.

Kribwalker2296d ago

It is a fantastic racing game, even if you aren't a huge fan of racing games, it's a lot of fun. I will keep supporting this series. Not the biggest sim racing fan so the mainline games I usually pass on, but I've bought FH2 and 3 and got the first one with games with gold and they're great

2296d ago
rainslacker2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Sorry if my putting it into perspective hurt people's feelings.

I'm glad it's making money, and the most recent game is excellent, but 1 billion over 9 releases is kind of commonplace for a moderately successful franchise.


If Forza did all that, I'd be impressed.

But for the most part, I'd not be gushing over the sales of any game, with 9 releases, that only made 1 billion at retail. At least not in the way some people here are trying to make it into being the best thing ever and indicative of the game being a high end money maker which somehow is indicative of it's quality, which is a separate matter altogether.

My numbers are sound, and while I find it wonderful that it's a successful franchise, I think too many people are looking at the number, without actually thinking about the rest of the picture.

But, if it makes you all feel better, I'll give you a freebie. 1 billion in retail sales doesn't include digital. So since you all think that Xbox somehow has a 2:1 digital vs retail attach rate, then you can run with Forza having made 3 billion.

Gazondaily2296d ago

"I'm glad it's making money"

You sure? You sure don't sound it lmao. Go play the game. It's wicked. Downplaying the sales aside, this a classic and the best racer this gen.

bouzebbal2296d ago

at the same time when you see what x1 owners have to play....
but yeah, something for you guys to justify the purchase,huh?

MyDietEqualsGames2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Lol. The best. Much like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. There are a few good ones out there, including GT, however this is Forza's moment, so I will try not to take away from it. With that said, Congratulations, Turn10!

IamTylerDurden12296d ago


Driveclub sold over 3 million. It sold nearly 2.5m physical and with the f2p version it did huge digital numbers. DC is a 3m seller, and well deserved.


It's funny how u think Driveclub is a terrible game bc of the disastrous launch. If u really were the gaming aficionado u claim you'd know that Driveclub is a different game now. A dramatically improved game and a great racer. Don't act like your not referring to Driveclub in your comments here. U even posted on the PS4 N4G group that Driveclub sucked and Forza is way better. Now i realize it was this article that motivated u to make that comment.

LexHazard792296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

They mad GT isnt the best racer anymore. So how else to get over the frustration than attacking Xbox gamers with bs...Lol.

rainslacker2295d ago


Which one? There are nine games in the franchise. The topic here is about the franchise. If it were about FH3 making one billion at retail, then I'd be thouroughly impressed.

I have played FH3, and several other games in the franchise. But what does that matter to the point I"m trying to make that people are gushing over it, using it as an example of how great FH3 is, while ignoring the fact that it equates to around 112 million on average per release. Is 112 million per game really that amazing?

It's not poor, but as I said, it's not remarkable,or worthy of the correlations to quality that some people are making.

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GtR35olution2297d ago

Lol. I like the nice wording of saying the forza franchise is the best selling this generation when there has been a forza game every year since the xbox one release and there'll be a new game(forza 7) this year. Gran turismo sport will outsell them all and be the best driving simulator.

Gazondaily2297d ago

I'd be very impressed if GT Sport scored higher than Horizon 3. Different types of games I know but would be impressive nonetheless.

GT Sport stands the best chance of dethroning Forza Motorsport and taking the crown though. I like what I've seen so far. Has improved dramatically from what was shown at first. Sales wise also, it will definitely dominate. That's a no brainer.

Neonridr2297d ago

haven't sales of Gran Turismo been declining with each release though? You would think in 2013 when the PS3 had a huge install base, the latest game (6) would muster more than 3.5 million in sales..

Overload2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

"You would think in 2013 when the PS3 had a huge install base, the latest game (6) would muster more than 3.5 million in sales.."

Gran Turismo 6 Passes 5 Million Sales, Series Climbs to 76.8 Million

Gran Turismo 6 launched on PS3 at the same time as the PS4, which was a mistake in my opinion.

2297d ago
GtR35olution2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

Gran turismo 6 sold over 6 million copies and gran turismo 5 sold over 10 million copies according to sony. There isnt any forza throne to be taken by gran turismo because gran tursmo is a better driving simulator where forza normally has things done in The game such as widening tracks and making cars easier to drive so it appeals more to people that would try racing a gtr with a civic or a dodge neon.

People who normally talk about review scores and menu system when comparing forza and gran turismo should actually be talking about the games content and which is actually a better driving simulator. Gran turismo games are made to be as realistic as possible to where the cars in the games try to simulate the driving physics of the real life ones. Forza games normally has cars with characteristics that are unlike realistic ones and youll see silly things like stock vehicles ets being 10 seconds faster than they are in real life.

2297d ago
Elit3Nick2297d ago

There isnt any forza throne to be taken by gran turismo because gran tursmo is a better driving simulator where forza normally has things done in The game such as widening tracks and making cars easier to drive so it appeals more to people that would try racing a gtr with a civic or a dodge neon.

I don't see why this would make it any less of a simulator than GT, especially considering that engine tuning is a big part of GT as well. Being able to race a large variety of cars together is part of Forza's success, some people don't like being restricted to certain cars, and it's extremely rewarding working on a car to make it competitive. I'm sure GT Sport's reliance on eSports and restricted car choices will turn off some GT fans, but that's the kind of niche Sony is selling it for, while GT7 will be the more traditional GT game.

TheCommentator2296d ago

Maybe GT will go back to it's roots, so you can simulate driving on an oval with your analog sticks rubber-banded together! GT: Port is already halfway to it's roots anyways, at least judging by the graphics and AI, so anythings' possible.

2296d ago
darthv722296d ago

I like both GT and Forza. That has to account for something?

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IAmLoki2297d ago

Congrats to Forza and Microsoft for becoming one of the world's most successful driving game franchises. The Forza Horizon series is my favorite with beautiful open world racing, jaw dropping visuals, the best controls, and amazing racing tracks, jam packed with intense action.

mcstorm2297d ago

I agree and I hope the sales for it goes up. Enjoyed 1 and 2 but for me 3 seems to set the bar again for open world racing games.

20live2297d ago

not sure why you are being down voted , Forza Horizon 3 was epic

XanderZane2296d ago

The trolls on here are down voting because they think GT Sports will be better, even though it's not out yet. I hope GT Sport is better then GT5 & GT6. Those games made many fans leave the series. Polyphony needs to come up with something new for GT Sport. I'll continue to enjoy Forza 6 and Forza Horizon 3 while we wait.

XanderZane2296d ago

LOL!! Don't believe me with GT5 vs GT6 sales? Look again. Keep down voting me when I'm right. Sales going down, down, down with GT ever since GT3. Maybe Overlord can damage control this without having to mention an XBox game.

GT3 sales - 14.98 million worldwide
GT4 sales - 11.66 million worldwide
GT5 sales - 10.70 million worldwide.
GT6 sales - 3.32 million worldwide
Over 7 million gamers suddenly stopped buying Gran Turismo series after GT5? This is on a game console with over 87 million sold.

edeprez2296d ago

I finished FH3, but it really wasn't that great. I really loved FH2, probably my favorite racing game. It's just a copy/paste of FH2, most of the races feel similar to each other, most of the cars are behind a paywall, and the showcases were a letdown for me. Also who wants to customize and name every race/bucket list challenge, i would have been happier with more sets of challenges like in FH 2.
Anyway, i may have ruined the experience for myself by replaying FH2 before launch, so maybe I'm way off base here, i just didn't get any of that "epic" that you noticed.

MRMagoo1232296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )


Sony announced gt6 sold over 5 million so you pulling vg numbers and being wrong makes you look desperate and stupid. Even at 5 million it's double forza horizon 3 sales. 😂

Liqu1d2296d ago

Lol at Xander using vgchartz when official numbers already exist.

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ShadowKnight2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

I wonder and curious if half of those sell numbers is from PC players. Probably not it's probably not selling to well on PC

Kiwi662296d ago

How can half the sales be from PC when only FH3 & Forza Apex are the only two from the whole series that are on Xb/PC

TheHorseTamer2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

1/2 pn PC? Haha, that was a good laugh

2296d ago
game4funz2296d ago

So what? Are you saying there's nothing to be happy about with expected sales?
On that note anyone can say that about any game.

2296d ago
shiva12296d ago

Tell me one thing though.... Would getting 2.5 mil sales on ps4 for half arsed game is difficult? There is no racing game on ps4 that meets forza and the ps4 gamers would just bite irrespective of quality.... Just like NMS. Having 50mil sales but still not a single game is as big as overwatch, GTAV, FFXV..... Talk about that attach rate and quality. There was this talk about UC4 goty and now i hear nothing....

2296d ago
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jokerisalive2297d ago

A great series. Good to see it hit this milestone.

2296d ago
user64978722296d ago

List of dumb fucks on N4G (more will be added later):
Overload aka S2Killinit aka Transistor aka Mariahelfutura
Red_renegade aka Stardustlemon aka Spotie aka Hicken
Errorist76 aka Chameleon77 aka Crashbandicoot77


Wannabes that are almost ponies but need to put in more work:

2296d ago
aaronaton2297d ago

As a quick comparison, the Gran Tursimo series (as of 2015) has sold over 76 million. Lets say the average game is £30, even though GT5 cost me £50..
If my maths are corrects, the GT series has made at least £22.8 billion. GT sport can only add to this. Plus this is GBP and not Dollars.

OsafuneKatana2297d ago

GT will always be racing king. Forza is lil piece of shit in front of it. :)

danny8182297d ago

its alot younger than GT jackass

2296d ago
XanderZane2296d ago

It wasn't king last gen. Don't cry. It's only a game.

LandCruiser2296d ago


It was king and has always been. Don't cry because truth is bitter

ShadowKnight2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Hilarious 😂😂😁

Raiden2296d ago

I would love to see you race some of my Xbox friends, you call Forza a little piece of shit 💩, it would have been nice for you to prove your skill from your GT experience, I have witness my friends at our local game outlet crush so many other racers, all they say Forza made them better racers. I would love to see and upload the outcome on on this site or YOUTUBE. Let me if you are interested, GT skilled racer VS Forza skilled race epic showdown

Bruh2296d ago

Wish my mom would've let me come on the internet and interact with strangers when I was 10

ONESHOTV22296d ago

OsafuneKatana--- king of what arcade racers ? maybe it is but sure it's not being a sim

2296d ago
Edito2296d ago

I agree with you that GT will always be the King it has a story while forza was created to meet or exceed GT Standards... but i can't agree with the Sh*tty part, while i prefer GT all the way i think Forza is a very good game...

IamTylerDurden12296d ago


GT absolutely was king last gen, are you joking? Did you hear about this game they call GT5? It did pretty well...

Last gen alone GT sold over 20m. That's nearly what Forza has sold in its entirety.

LexHazard792296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

I've come to realize that theres no rational in people who only play on one console. Because that series might be all they know. To them its the best thing ever. Yet just from looking at reviews GT has been on a steady decline.

GT hasnt been King of racing since PS2..Lol. Forza is the King Slayer.
Their Motorsports series is great and well you already know about Horizon. Even PGR was better than GT.

Even Driveclub is better than GT!! Yes I said it.

2295d ago
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slate912297d ago

Good thing this article is about Forza and not GT, or you may have a valid comment.

2297d ago
XanderZane2296d ago

If this was a GT Sport article, the trolls would still find a way to bring an XBox game into the article. lol!!

JasonKCK2296d ago

TitaniumRx you are the problem here