10 of the best racing games of all-time

Paul writes - "Looking back over a lifetime of playing games, and racing games in particular, I am moved to consider which were the best that I have ever played. I'm going to be platform blind on this, largely because I didn't have an Xbox until the 360 came out, so many games I played were on the other consoles that were available. In order that I played them, here are the racing games that have had a lasting impact on me and 10 of the best racing games of all-time."

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gammaray131368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

this guy is an idiot need for speed was never on the c64 it was first on the 3DO in 1994

Retroman1367d ago

Correct. started on the 3DO.
To bad NFS fell from Grace.
used to buy every nfs title and GT
Now only GT NFS became crapfest.

Kados1368d ago

No particular order:

rFactor 2
Assetto Corsa
Dirt Rally
F1 2019
Project Cars
Project Cars 2
Gran Turismo 5
Forza 7

Brutus831368d ago

Till today, i still think the best driving game was TDU2

level 3601368d ago

I loved Colin McRae Rally, got addicted to that game for a long time.
DriveClub I highly rate as very good and enjoyable.

Profchaos1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

Colin McRae dirt Rally in VR was so good I hope you got a chance to try it

sampsonon1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

Yeah, it was a good game. SOO immersive. too bad it had that bad launch or it would be still going strong.

goodwin1367d ago

Where's Porsche Unleashed?

gammaray131366d ago

I think you might mean Porsche Challenge on the PS1 as that was amazing

goodwin1365d ago

I mean Need for Speed 5: Porsche Unleashed

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The story is too old to be commented.