GRAW 2 on PS3 slips to August

Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is now scheduled to ship on August 31 for PlayStation 3 and PSP. The PC version is expected to arrive in stores in June. At the time of writing Ubisoft has been unavailable to offer a reason for the delay.

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bobbybrown4582d ago

was this the ubisoft game that they said they would add maps and plenty on stuff on the ps3 version? or was it rainbow 6 ?

TheXgamerLive4582d ago

You were supposed to be able to play the content that we recently downloaded on the Xbox 360 version. 1 new from UBI and I think 9 from the previous GRAW, atleast that's what we have plus all the new maps that came with GRAW2. There's alot to choose from and it's hella fun.

Trust me, even having to wait until Aug.31st is ok, everyone should love this.

sonarus4582d ago

yea it was. Doubt i'll be buying this game anymore since its around september gotta start saving up for the games rush sony's supposed to be dishing out this fall

jahcure4582d ago

This game was certainly on my buy scope but if it's pushed back to august, it wouldn't matter how much stuff is added. The other upcoming games totally dwarf this one and while it would have been a good buy for June, August 31st is no way good now. I'd rather wait for area 51 and play the other games in the meantime.

Not saying this game is not good, i've played the 360 version and i totally love it, but the release dates are very important for any kind of success.

Sorry Ubi, but you decided your fate on this one. (at least for me)

TheExecutive4582d ago

I agree with you guys... too many good games coming out. I will pry be too busy playing lair and heavenly sword to buy this game.

InMyOpinion4582d ago

At least Rainbow Six is coming soon, which is a better game IMO.

sony4life4582d ago

Since they keep delaying this game they should go ahead and ad the first game to the story to give a better experince then 6hrs.

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The story is too old to be commented.