Games Radar Preview: Dragon Age: Origins - Blood Party

Games Radar:
A primal primer to your blood spattered brethren in this ultraviolent RPG

Eight hours into a preview build of Dragon Age: Origins and we can't get the blood off. The crimson evidence of our violence still stains our hands, our armor, and our entire party. It's even in our hair. Whether you've slain a pack of wild beasts or put a gang of mercenaries to rest, in Dragon Age: Origins there will be blood - lots and lots of blood. And if you choose to leave the "Enable persistent gore" option in the menu checked, buckets of post-battle blood will remain as you navigate through what would otherwise be a series of typical dialogue trees and cutscenes.

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hitthegspot3479d ago

This game should come out on the Wii. It would give Mad World a run for it's money...