IGN: GRAW2 PS3 "If it ain't broke, don't fix it - but add Sixaxis."

When a game gets the rave reviews that Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 did on the Xbox 360 -- the third-person tactical shooter scored a 9.1 on IGN -- chances are not much needs to be fooled with when it comes to the PS3.

Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment seem to agree.

On the show floor at Sony Gamer's Day, GRAW 2 was up and running in all its glory -- it's graphically impressive to see your camouflaged soldier crawl across the screen as he moves in on an enemy, the framerate is smooth, and the sound was spot on. When a representative came over to give a demonstration, he simply shook the Sixaxis controller side-to-side to make the solider roll, said the Mule and AV will also function via motion controls and added that the same co-op and multiplayer functions folks saw on the Xbox 360 will be coming to the PS3.

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gta_cb4198d ago

should be pretty sweet

socomnick4198d ago

I have been playing it for a while already :/
Its great the single player leaves you disappointed in the end.
Multiplayer is pretty good but the lobby's suck dude Wish you could do it like in gears join a game in progress.

Blackmoses4198d ago

I don't know which game to get, this one or Rainbow Six. No sense having both....

gta_cb4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

i would prob reckomend Rainbow six, but then again i dont know what they look/play like on a PS3

ErcsYou4198d ago

..might as well get both, R6V releases june 12, and GRAW2 releases in august. june is a good month, R6V, NGS, and the darkness, the second half of 2007 is about to get real exciting


rainbow is out first mate 29th june/

Graw comes out in Aug. So u will have a lot of play time with rainbow
and save for this in the mean time

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KoolMan4198d ago

Is not so high detail when it comes to teamwork like rainbow six vegas, I played graw 2 on the 360 and is much better then last one nice graphics and smooth gameplay but with RBSV coming out pretty soon is an easy pick 4 me... Socom(ps3) looking good...

Meus Renaissance4198d ago

Rainbow Six is the better multiplayer online.

I gurantee it.

However, GRAW's single player campaign is better yet very easy, even on the hardest setting. This results in a 5-6hour campaign.

TheXgamerLive4198d ago

I guess it comes down to personal choice as does everything else.

I only like RBSV single player mode, GRAW2 is a fantastic game, probably my fav online game for the Xbox 360, actually I liked their single player better too.

quiddd4198d ago

Like the recent Ubi ports..............sounds like their going to half-ass it. Hopefully I'm wrong...........doubt it.

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