PS3 Version of NFS: Shift Outsells 360 Version First Week Possibly Due To Forza 3

According to VGChartz, the PS3 version of Need for Speed: Shift has outsold the 360 version the first week. Many people claim this could be due to the fact that the PS3 just received a new model with a $299 price and sales have been rocketing, but TheGamerAccess.com feels there is something people are forgetting about.

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renegade5406d ago

Oh VGchartz Im tired of it.

4Sh0w5406d ago (Edited 5406d ago )

but Forza3 looks to be even better with all the features, if Forza3 wasn't going to be released for another year or 6 mo from now I probably would pick up Shift but really I don't play racers alot, most times I never even finish the career mode, cause it takes me forever, so I will only buy one of these racers, I think all of these racing games look amazing and Turn 10 knows how deliver with the community and customization which I really like about Forza. The Forza3 demo is great. I hope the damage is better though, well I guess it will be cause Forza2 damage was good imo.

simplyRealistic185406d ago

all vg charts do is put estimates, but their estimates are pretty close and it obvious it sold more on ps3

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Microsoft Xbox 3605406d ago (Edited 5406d ago )

The days of 360 multiplats outselling the PS3 versions are over.


I like how they use Forza 3 as an excuse.

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Mars Attacker5406d ago (Edited 5406d ago )

Definitely because of Forza 3. Notice that Turn 10 released a Forza 3 demo and EA is holding off on the Shift demo?

I am a huge racing game fan, but there is no way that I am buying Shift without playing a demo knowing that Forza 3 is about to come out...

If I owned a PS3 I'd be buying Shift, since GT5 won't be out til next summer in the USA.

Sarcasm5406d ago

I don't know about you guys, but I'd rather have Forza 3 over Shift.

Been playing shift at a friend's house, and honestly I'm getting bored.

Then again, I'd rather be playing GT5 over Forza 3.

Take that as you will.

RememberThe3575406d ago

it would be style. NFS has always had a style I liked. I haven't really like all of their games--accept Underground, that game was awesome--but they always looked good. And honestly, I think I'd take shift over Forza for that very reason.

soxfan20055406d ago (Edited 5406d ago )

This situation is similar to when Protoype and Infamous were released. People claimed that the PS3 version of Prototype sold less than the 360 version because PS3 owners also had Infamous to choose from.

I finally played NFS Shift today. It's OK, but I think the control is terrible - I found it quite choppy. The 360's best arcade racer - Project Gotham Racing 4 - has much better control than Shift. Of course, the Forza games blow them both away as far as controls go.

evrfighter5406d ago

even a fanboy should be able to figure this one out.

Though I'm sure even the fanboys that know why, are still going to blabber on about "360 is teh d00mD!1!"

droid and bot5406d ago

"PS3 Version of NFS: Shift Outsells 360 Version First Week Possibly Due To Forza 3 "

VGChartz is spinning things up
just like any fanboy website

slayorofgods5406d ago

I thought the PS3 was always the one that was doomed? Now you know what it feels like!

slayorofgods5406d ago

Despite Forza 3 you still can't ignore that PS3 software is increasing along with its hardware. I expect Uncharted 2 sales to compete with the new Halo game as well. This isn't to say Microsoft is doing any worse, it only says that Sony is doing something right.

jjohan355406d ago

To tell you the truth, I'm not that surprised. It's understandable to buy NFS if you only own a PS3. I'm skipping on NFS and buying Forza 3 for my 360 until GT5 comes out in Spring.

heroicjanitor5406d ago

360 fans readily take this excuse but when prototype 360 outsold ps3 prototype it was a victory, now ps3 fans in here are claiming victory and forget about prototype...

evrfighter5406d ago

"Now you know what it feels like! "

I don't own 360. Just a pc gamer that happens to own a ps3.

wanna try again?


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tatotiburon5406d ago

everybody is waiting for forza 3, after watching the demo i can tell this is the best driving game so far

Why dis5406d ago (Edited 5406d ago )

Why in the hell would people buy shift with forza 3 around the corner gamers don't have money as it is. Agreed.

Whenever the 360 has an exclusive and a 3rd party dev has a game in the same genre the PS3 version always outsells the 360 version of that multi plat, at least at first.

It's too bad they worked so hard on it *but* what were they thinking going up against Forza 3? http://www.lensoftruth.com/... I guess they figured GT5 wasn't coming this year.

PirateThom5406d ago

I'm surprised you two can even talk about Forza 3: Arcade Edition seriously after than demo.

simplyRealistic185406d ago

i completely disagree, i couldn't even finish that demo, that's how much i hated it

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Ju5406d ago

True argument, "people are waiting for Forza3". Your loss, though. For the PS3 it's clear Shift doesn't light a candle against GT5, no matter when taht's coming out - and they are different games none the less. Which makes a reason to get both. OTHO, seams Shift competes against Forza3 directly, no ? I don't care. I enjoy it a lot, and will enjoy GT5 even more when it comes out. I think Shift is underrated, IMO. Great driving fun. (Underrated is the wrong word, "underhyped" would be the right one).

siliticx5406d ago

Im surprised nobody mentionned this yet. EA has WAY more sales on ps3 than the 360. Mainly because of piracy on the 360. Nobody bothers to buy sports and that type of game when they can download it.

Starting last year, ps3's version of EA games has sold a LOT more!

Rhythmattic5406d ago (Edited 5406d ago )


"everybody is waiting for forza 3, after watching the demo i can tell this is the best driving game so far"

After downloading/Playing the F3 Demo, and the GT HD demo (released a few years Ago) I can tell you, it isnt.

Until both a fully released , I reserve the right to change my statement. However, thus far, I doubt it.

Dignan5406d ago

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