170° Compares Forza 3 against Need for Speed: SHIFT

Modus of compares the upcoming simulation racing newcomer Need for Speed SHIFT against Forza 3 and it's proven pedigree racing sim formula.

"As you can tell Need for Speed: SHIFT is focused on the racers experience whereas Forza 3 is flat out simulation. Both games are clearly champions in the arena of racing."

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Xbox360Elite3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Go on a diet you fat b*stard. Also sitting by the keyboard won't make you lose weight if that's what your thinking.

tehReaper3717d ago

The extra disc is tracks and stuff. PS3 have installs anyway, what's the difference?

Saaking3717d ago

Flopza got owned by a multiplat. It had ZERO chance against GT5.

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Dutch Boogie3717d ago

hmm this comparison sounds about right. Forza 3 is competing with NFS:Shift. GT5 will be in it's own league and professionals will continue to use it as the definitive driving standard.

JOLLY13717d ago

They will keep using Forza.

arsenal553717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

you are correct jolly.. 12 year old kids will keep using forza3 while most people and experienced drivers will use gran turismo 5 like they always have been

JOLLY13717d ago

I didn't know they allowed f1 and American LeMans drivers to be 12. Oh right Tanner Foust is gt's spokesman, I forgot.

NaiNaiNai3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

thats funny, if I recall GT5 fans were complaing that Froza 3 look like it was moving to fast and arcade like.

Just FYI, thats how real cars move. when your on a two lane sized road and your going 70MPH+ it seems about 4 times faster then when your on the highway. but GT5 fans wouldn't know this, since most have never driven past the speed limit, since you know, they are not race drivers in anyway shape or form.

why do you think GT 5 has over 200 family wagons and sedans in the game. *ALL OF WHICH NO PERSON WOULD PUT PERFOMANCE PARTS ON*

GT5 isn't a racing games, its a fricking sunday lets go out for a family drive game.

ahhh negatives. deal with it, the TRUTH hurts.

Nitrowolf23717d ago

idk if you have driven on a highway before, but 70MPH is usually the advarage, it doesn't look fast compare to the cars right next to you. GT5 literally drives how those car would drive. Havn't you seen a nascar show? I mean they drive just like that only they are doing circles. Its going to be hard to steer a car going 130-190 MPH.

tehReaper3717d ago

They're comparing two racing games that are actually coming out this year...

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The-Warranty3717d ago

Guess forza found its competition.

3717d ago
kalebgray923717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

you cant compare any racing game to gt5

3717d ago
3717d ago
soxfan20053717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Forza is being compared to NFS because they both actually exist - NOT because GT5 is somehow on a different level. When a playable GT5 eventually comes out, it will be compared to Forza and NFS as well.

@1.2 - You're right because there is no GT5 to compare anything to.

EDIT - Why will it be a sad day?? Each Forza release has been rated higher than any GT it is up against. It's GT that needs to step up it's game to compete with Forza this time around. If GT5 turns out to be a superb game, great. It won't change the fact that Forza games are equally superb.

Also, this "rewind" thing is being blown WAY oput of proportion. It's just an "easy" option, like almost all games have today. Besides, racing games (including GT) have had a "restart race" option for years now - that is simply rewinding to the beginning. It's used the same way - screw up, restart.

Greywulf3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Forza3 has a rewind feature, like GRID. There is some mode where you just steer, and painting. Which all has nothing to do with simulation driving, or physics. Which is why its often compared to NFS/Gothams of the world.

When you understand that the only perks unique to a title is that you can paint the body. You'll understand why that has nothing to do with knowing how to decrease lap times.

GT is compared to real life driving skill, everyone knows this by now. Which is why Polyphony has made a GT vehicle as well as put a Gran Turismo Driver into actual competition driving.

Shift is a day 1 purchase, cant wait to see what they have done with the beloved franchise.

Its going to be a sad day when GT gets its inevitable release date, your bag of Buh Buh's is going to be empty ;).

kalebgray923717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

its coming this year... they said it already its just not a definite date.... they say December most likely.... and its coming out later cuz there are actual improvisations more than just graphics.... head tracking, more cars, day/night (which they have had for the longest dont know why turn 10 cant get it), and its going to be 3d... the 3d was shown earlier this year at ces.... ppl just gotta get the tv and the glasses and boom 3d driving sim..... way more than rewind and painting

cyberwaffles3717d ago

"your bag of Buh Buh's is going to be empty ;)"


Microsoft Xbox 3603717d ago

NFS Shift looks a bit better than Forza 3.

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cpuchess3717d ago

I will be getting both and GT5.....

cmrbe3717d ago

As i said many times. After seeing Froza 3 vids. It is obvious that Froza has more in common with N4S. The way the car drives is very much like N4S.