Civil rights group slams Sony ad

US civil rights group the NAACP has slammed an advert for the new white PSP which some observers have accused of being racist.

In a statement issued by the San Jose branch of the NAACP, chapter president Rick Callender also appeared to refer to recent allegations that PSP game LocoRoco also has racist overtones, stating: "The days of blacks being portrayed in minstrel shows are long gone, and with good reason. The minstrel show was an awful chapter in history and this ad smacks of that age and time.

"It is even further unacceptable that some corporations still think it is okay to use racially charged media images," Callender continued.

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benihya6177d ago

Attack comedy show and movie that feature black and white fighting or making fun of each other??
Plus the women are dressed like rock stars (musicians) not politicians

BIadestarX6177d ago

Hey, I agree with you. But you have to be an idiot to not know this would bring some sort of heat. I know Sony is trying to copy Nintendo's model, "Any publicity is good publicity" i.e. piss (wii). but when you get into something as sensitive as race/color you positioning yourself for a nice colorful whip.

Marriot VP6177d ago

seriously folks, I don't think it was intentional it's just down right retarded of them not seeing the racism in it.

OutLaw6177d ago

But Sony has done alot of dumb stuff lately with this and Loco Roco. I don't get how they could run a company and over look something like this.

BOSS6177d ago

Japanese people just dont care

AuburnTiger6177d ago (Edited 6177d ago )

Why on earth would you want another law suit to hit Sony? Are you that pissed off at the advertisement? I bet you’re not even black. Ahh, you probably want them sued for attempting to take away the spot light from your precious 360? Baller, you talk as if you were a 16yr old brat who just wants everything your way.

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