PaRappa the Rapper on PS4 signals the revival of PlayStation’s famous faces

It seems that Sony is slowly working on bringing select classic titles from its classic consoles back on PlayStation 4 as remasters.

Who’ll be next?

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CrimsonWing692373d ago

I just gotta beliiiieeeevvvve!!!

2373d ago

AMD users left in the dirt with "ludicrous" Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart hardware issues

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart hardware issues are a huge problem for AMD users

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ocelot0768d ago

Strange with the ps5 being amd based it would of been more optimized for amd gpu's.

mkis00768d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Lets see just how widespread these issues are... doesnt make a bit of sense because the game was made for amd hardware.

: oh its just complaining over amd's poor implementation of things on the pc side.

PunksOnN4G68d ago

Why would it be its obvi on AMD drivers

mkis00768d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Maybe you are not up to date on the current state of AMD's Raytracing support and FSR.

Please tell me were you got never sony from in my comment?

oIMyersIo68d ago

"Please tell me were you got never sony from in my comment?"

This is a first party title.
Released and poorly optimised. You jump straight to AMD being completely at fault as if TLoU PC port didn't happen.

Christopher68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

AMD themself said it was a driver issue.

generic-user-name67d ago

You should probably make sure it is Sony before trying to fling mud.

oIMyersIo67d ago

@Generic with the cope:

From DigitalFoundry,

"The comparison, which was shared by Digital Foundry, was accompanied by a written analysis that goes over some of the port's best features, such as good scalability, which allows players with the proper hardware to enjoy much better visuals than on PlayStation 5 and those with underpowered machines to have still a decent experience barring some stuttering, and issues, such as missing transparency effects at max settings, texture loading issues, shadows issues with ray tracing enabled, stability issues and more. With the additional disabling of ray tracing on AMD GPUs due to stability issues, it feels like this is yet another port that was launched in an unpolished state and that will require multiple patches to be in a truly acceptable one."

"it feels like this is yet another port that was launched in an unpolished state and that will require multiple patches to be in a truly acceptable one."

This is not solely an issue with AMD, the port is "yet another" with missing features.

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Jin_Sakai68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

AMD has always been crap compared to Nvidia. The only advantage they have is price.

DarXyde68d ago

And power efficiency. And arguably better performance on 1080p/1440p cards. And availability.

Nvidia cards really aren't worth hunting high and low for when there are very comparable AMD cards that are cheaper. I really have to give credit to AMD for their very frequent and consistent grind with RDNA. This issue I reckon is a developer level problem.

Can't really miss with either, but considering Jensen and Lisa are relatives, they probably laugh about these debates over a very expensive holiday dinner.

iAmyRose68d ago

Naw AMD have had instances of being good, Nvidia do have better features, raytracing and AI performance if you play with software that uses it though.

KeeseToast67d ago

Power efficiency is not true at all this gpu generation. Nvidia‘s 4000 series is more power efficient that AMD 7000

DivineHand12567d ago

I believe AMD offers higher vram at lower price points compared to NVidia. We have found out that this generation needs at least 8GB to load the highest detail textures at 1080p.

This issue with the drivers will eventually be fixed for Ratchet and Clank, however, the vram issue NVidia has on their midrange and entry level cards can only be fixed by spending more money on a higher end card.

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CantThinkOfAUsername68d ago

AMD has already confirmed it's a driver-related issue on their cards. Besides, AMD 'users' can't stop telling us how not important Ray Tracing is, how they always play with it off, and how it's an 'Nvidia gimmick.' This shouldn't be a problem for them I believe.

On a side note, kudos to Nixxes and Sony for releasing one of the best PC ports in 2023. Amazing graphics with Ray Tracing, great performance, detailed system requirements, plenty of graphics options, all upscaling technologies (DLSS, FSR, and XeSS), DirectStorage 1.2, and native Mouse and Keyboard support.


Not surprised by an AMD driver issue... I love they are in the market and help keep Intel honest but I've had some whacked driver issues with then so I always just go with Intel anymore.

I'm sure they'll have it fixed in the coming days, if it even takes that long, just one of the joys of PC gaming.

DeusFever68d ago

Imma just sayin’, this is why I play on consoles.

Good-Smurf68d ago

No issues at all on PS5 and some already called me being trolling yesterday.
No telling how well it will run on my PC because there's too things that can go wrong there being High End Nvidia stuff and everything.

MadLad68d ago

Consoles are highly limiting; and when devs screw up optimizing their games on console, you're screwed. You don't have the option of powering through it.

Binarycode68d ago

That's why always wait and see what the game plays like on any device before you buy.

I think they've done a good job porting it to pc, but it needs to be able to run on lower end cards and should have a ram indicator to show how much video ram is being used.

DeusFever67d ago

That’s why I play on PS5. The user base is so big, devs can’t afford to screw up optimizing their games for it.

MrVux00067d ago

Looking at the overall state of PC gaming and its ports of AAA games for the past 3-4 years vs consoles ports.

Not really helping your case.

1nsomniac68d ago

People never listened when I said that this game doesn’t use “real” ray tracing on PS5. I believe it uses a very clever advanced/modified screen space reflection system. Which is why the real ray tracing doesn’t work on pc.

Outside_ofthe_Box67d ago

Does it matter? I thought we were past this "real" nonsense. The end results matter more. If you can't distinguish, who cares. If it allows for better/more stable frame rate who cares. MS f'd everything when they started using terms like "true" and "real" in their marketing when they launched the One X last gen. People are finally starting to realize that "True 4K" doesn't matter if you have to sacrifice framerate to achieve it. In the end something always has to give if you are truly pushing the hardware.

Binarycode67d ago

Raytracing reflections are used on PS5 as they are in Spiderman, Same engine. tested by professionals with first hand knowledge.

PC Ray-tracings problems are bugs and on AMD side a driver issue.

Lastly if AMD want to compete in the RT space, they need to come up with a solution. As in a unique chip to do it, not just make the gpu with some driver things help it. It's miles behind Nvidia.