PaRappa the Rapper Remastered launches April 20 in Japan Both at Retail and Digitally

"Announced at PSX 2016, PaRappa the Rapper Remastered finally has a release date in Japan."

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PhoenixUp1363d ago

I would've preferred Legend of Dragoon instead. Or better yet just for Sony to make PS1 Classics playable on PS4 just like they did with PS2.

Just remastering this game by itself just seems rather weird.

LAWSON721363d ago

Yeah it does, they get to make more money. Why release classics when they can slap remaster on it, do a little polish, and sell it for $20 instead of sub $10

andrewsquall1363d ago

It would have been slightly better with Um Jammer Lammy too (I know its not the 20th Anniversary of that but still). Parappa was unlockable and was playable in the entire game again but with lyrics now instead of jamming to the tunes with Lammy. Its essentially another Parappa game then. :)

1363d ago
Yohshida1363d ago

Or play it right now on PSP!