Cat at PAX 2009: Harmonix Q&A With Chris Foster

Cat writes: Early on in my PAX adventures I was able to speak with Chris Foster, Project Director at Harmonix and co-lead on the latest in Rock Band offerings, The Beatles, about the game, the process and so much more. Thanks again to Chris for taking the time to answer my questions, and the questions of a couple N4Gers. Sorry to those with questions that didn't get asked, we only had a limited amount of time – and, you know, really wanted to play the game!

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Adamalicious3793d ago

That guy playing the drums looks pretty awesome.

Syko3793d ago

Eh, I heard he plays on Easy. Could just be a nasty rumor though. =)

So jealous you guys got to sit with the Harmonix guys and play Beatles RB...Awesome Q&A.

Cat3793d ago

Thanks for reading, guys - and 'yay!' for 9-9-09!

TheColbertinator3793d ago

Ahaha! Thank you Catastrophe.

boo I want Wings!