The Beatles: Rock Band Not Dead (Potentially)

Today, during a rather excellent podcast on DLC, Harmonix representatives spoke at length about the Beatles game, sharing some interesting insights in the production process at Abbey Road. They also spoke about the possibility of future DLC. They said that working with the Beatles could be 'glacially paced'.

"We know that you want more Beatles DLC. We want more to. We're going to continue passing that info from the forums to the music ops team."

While this isn't the same as saying "remaining albums, available tomorrow" (which is what we all want), it is enough to confirm that Harmonix are still interested in The Beatles brand and that, with a little luck, we could be buying new songs some time in the future.

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Raven_Nomad3811d ago

Would love to get some more Beatles DLC, I finished everything the game has to offer and am more then ready for some more.

BLAKHOODe3811d ago

I'd buy Hey Jude in a heartbeat. LOVE The Beatles! And I still play the game every once in awhile when I'm in the mood.

matgrowcott3811d ago

Ha! It'd be nice, but I wouldn't hold my breath. At this point I'd feel lucky to have any DLC at all...

JD_Shadow3811d ago

Good God, HMX, get a clue about this.

TB:RB wasn't as well received because you have absolutely REFUSED to allow the tracks to be imported into other RB games, even when you have put everything that was in TB:RB into the main game by now, and you have ways to make sure people will buy the actual game (not that I agree with said ways, but I'm trying to make a point here).

Seriously, I get that The Beatles were this iconic band that should be put on a grand pedestal, but I could name so many other bands that would deserve just as much of a "honor" as having a game to themselves that no one could ever, EVER, just import the game's tracks onto their HD. I guarantee you'd get a LOT more game buys for the game if you would just give up that damned ghost already.

matgrowcott3811d ago

The reason this whole thing came up on the podcast was because The Beatles DLC is the top selling RB DLC available. Simple translation: TB: RB did fine, and more people were buying DLC as a result.

Raven_Nomad3811d ago

Beatles Rock Band sold very well, especially when compared to things like Guitar Hero Aerosmith, Metallica, Green Day and Van Halen.

I have no issue with importing tracks or anything, I understand it has some rather strict copyright laws with Beatles music.

I just want some more DLC.