Harmonix Keeps Rockin' On Its Own (

Months after being unceremoniously dumped by MTV Games, Harmonix continues to thrive with plenty of support for its current and upcoming games. Way to go, guys.

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Shaolen3697d ago

I love Harmonix! Keep bringing us songs! I bought over 400 already from the store, and all the Rock Bands so far! Too bad they couldn't do something better with the instrument situation.

TheSoundDefense3697d ago

I'm glad to see Harmonix is doing well for itself. I knew the situation couldn't be that bad; they've got a pretty impressive DLC-based business model for Rock Band, and it brings in the bucks. Plus, Dance Central is huge.

BubbleSniper3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Sony should buy Harmonix and allow them to dev for all platforms :) including start up a mobile studio for ios, android and WM

Brownghost3697d ago

this is what happens when you dont milk the series for so many crappy sequels keep on the good work

Redempteur3697d ago

yep i know the rock band series is in good hands no sequels each year ..dlc when needed so i can biuld my own playlists.

almost like it should

Brownghost3697d ago

agreed, Activision should learn from EA that yearly sequels aren't important DLC is just as great at expanding a game i mean look at Bad company 2 its going strong thanks to all the VIP map packs