Harmonix has 'no plans to stop' weekly Rock Band DLC releases

Rock Band Weekly has been in our lives for over four years and the beat will go on. Harmonix told us at GDC 2012 that it has no plans on stopping the weekly release of downloadable tracks for the Rock Band platform.

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LightSamus2441d ago

If they're making money, of course they won't. So presumably they're still profiting.

R1CAN6172441d ago

Im so tired of going to new add ons on XBL and seeing it flooded with rock band DLC

Marcus Fenix2441d ago

for all the DLC this game has, it should have it's own section so other DLCs don't get overshadowed when browsing for new add-ons.

gcolley2441d ago

each game should have a folder. the current system must have been created by a moron

ddelella2441d ago

Weekly is nice but i'd love to see a slightly lower price on songs and a new version of rock band with more online features like weekly challenges, online road tour where people could jump in and out to play gigs with your band, more customizability in the instruments (to the part level). There is so much more they could bring to the table the library is just a major bonus that is it continues to grow.

RavageX2441d ago

Ummm...they already have most of what you want to see....where have you been?