Aaron Greenberg on Halo Reach's graphics

Exactly 4 weeks ago, a few days after the 2009 Microsoft E3 press conference I googled searched Aaron greenberg's Xbox Live Gamertag to send him a message and commend him on their E3 showing. A quick search on google will help you find that his gamer tag is infact BIGVIP.

Having found this I sent a message to him saying the following,

"Hello Mr. Greenberg, Just saw the Microsoft Press Conference. You guys are doing a great job. And always manage to keep us guessing. Also saw Uncharted 2 from Sony's conference and it looks mind blowing, so when are we going to see some uncharted 2 or killzone 2 graphics on our 360's Sir? "

So on 13th of July exactly at 10:18 AM IST I received a reply from Aaron Greenberg aka gamertag BIGVIP. The following is what he had to say:

"Thanks man appreciate the note wait till you see halo Reach."

This is a clear indication of what Microsoft Game Studios is aiming for with the visuals of Halo reach. Screenshots and a video of the message proving the authenticity of the encounter are after the jump.



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KingKionic 5004d ago

Nice shubz....


just making fun of you.

ShabzS5004d ago

yeah ... nice.. funny .. *groan* feels like high school all over agian ... hey but when ur here surrounded around names like chatterjee and hurshwardhan and kutti bannerjee... its not that funny ...

ShabzS5004d ago (Edited 5004d ago )

so this Probably won't pass the aprroval... but hey ridculous stuff has passed through before right... and this is really an indication of what they aim to achieve here... but anyways just wanted to let you guys know what happened .. its authentic.. so .. i dont know.. discuss !!

Natsu X FairyTail5004d ago

showing some luv , I approved buddy.

heroicjanitor5004d ago

If it is good ps3 news, ps3 fanboys approve it. If it is good 360 news, 360 fanboys approve it. The source doesn't matter. A one sentence pm from someone in the games business is no exception.

coolirisGB5004d ago (Edited 5004d ago )

There will be games that look better than KZ2 and uncharted 2 before Halo Reach. KZ2 is already passed up and Uncharted 2's art style is down to preference.

5004d ago
gamesR4fun5004d ago

by what?

the only thing that seems close is not yet released unless i missed a AAA game on the 360 or ps3...

n ya i hope reach raises the bar but im not holding my breath.

gamesR4fun5004d ago (Edited 5004d ago )

really dont see any replies yet tons of disagrees n a -bubble so far

dont take much to rattle a fanboi lol

tho i gota ask is it for saying kz2 is still the best looking/playing game on either console or hoping reach blows the socks off it?

swiftshot935004d ago (Edited 5004d ago )

I thought Alan Wake was gonna take the title of best looking open-world game, but since its not open-world any more Assassins Creed 2 will hold that title-probably until Agent or Prince of Persia 2.

For FPS I would be REALLY REALLY impressed and surprised if Halo ReachES (see what I did there?) Killzone 2 graphics. I really dont think that its likely, or at least it wont be Bungie (they have too much on their plate)

As for racers people have been arguing Forza 3 vs GT5 for awhile, especially with the whole debacle with Turn-10, but ever since GT5's trailer was confirmed to be %100 real time I think that argument can be put to rest.

Really I mean the best looking playable game Ive seen is Uncharted 2, the best looking game period is The Last Guardian. Never have I seen art style and technical properties of a game being so blended, balanced, so perfectly, it really has a look of its own, and IMO is the best looking game ever.
360 I think can put up a good fight but Ms's refusal to allow custom-built game engines for their games limits the possibilities, who wants to see Gears of War 3 in 2011 instead of 2010 to allow Epic some serious modification to the UE3?


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