First Impression - Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Eurogamer tells that for a game which maxes out at eight players per team Quake Wars produces an unreal quantity of carnage. The havoc is relentless, it's cinematic, and it's largely due to two things.

Despite having big maps (which, thanks to Quake Wars' megatexture technology, run exceedingly smoothly) any fighting that's going on is almost always happening in the same area. This is because maps consist of strings of objectives that have to be taken one at a time. For example, Refinery, the new map we played set in North Africa started, with the GDF escorting an MCP through a suburb, then them hacking a shield generator in a city centre and finally advancing into an oil refinery to blow up some Strogg machines. More details after the jump.

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1st post! anybody know the release date? SPECIFICALLY for ps3?

eques judicii4288d ago

"Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is due for release on 25th May on PC via Activision. PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are scheduled to follow later this year."

all that means is that they don't know when they are releasing for consoles yet... it was only relatively recently announced for consoles... so they probably are still working on the ports.

THAMMER14288d ago

NINJARIFIK your avatar is too sick. Can you change that please, I mean COME ON MAN that is just too much.

BranWheatKillah4288d ago

Been waiting for this game for some time now. I hope it is released soon and I hope that the engine has been updated at least a little bit so that the graphics don't feel to far behind.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4287d ago

This game just looks better and better every update.