Oblivion, UT3 under $10; Maelstrom $0.50 on GoGamer

GoGamer has kicked off this week's 48 Hour Madness sale, this time pricing nearly 40 titles under $5, including the strategy title Maelstrom for $0.50. Yes, less than a dollar.

Highlights of the sale include The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Unreal Tournament III (both for PC and Xbox 360) and ArmA for under $10, with titles such as Battlestations: Midway, Call of Juarez and Quake Wars going for under $5 while supplies last.

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foxtheory5173d ago

but nothing that really catches my eye. And besides, I need to save my money for the onslaught of games coming out within the next year.

-Mezzo-5173d ago

i think i should finally get Oblivion. lol

umair_s515173d ago

You should pick up Oblivion, the graphics will definitely feel dated but its still great value for 10 bucks. As for me, I am thinking to 'invest' 50 cents on Maelstrom. Will beat it and sell it for $2. lol

Murder MD5173d ago

What's recertified controller mean? Is it new? Wish they would clarify.

RockmanII75173d ago

I'm waiting for Oblivion(360) to be under $20 before I get it.


10 Super NES Games You’ll Probably Never Beat

If you’re a gamer “of a certain age”, you may vaguely remember the moment when games went from a grueling gauntlet requiring all your skill and concentration to tackle to a casual, checkpoint-containing, cruise control-encouraging walk in the park.

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deleted360d ago

I beat Jurassic Park multiple times!

Jurassic Park had no save system, so I would leave the console running while I went to school, took breaks. It's not that it's hard, it's just tedious. But I was a Jurassic Park obsessed kid (around 13 when this hit), so I would obsessively scower ever inch of the maps (both 2D and 3D) until I had them memorized.

The Star Wars trilogy, I only beat w the cheat codes.

Longie_long360d ago

Sounds just like me. I mapped out the indoor areas on paper, leaving the SNES on for days at a time. But I never finished the game. I collected all the raptor eggs except one. So close !

Neonridr360d ago

oh god, I remember beating JP on SNES and like you said, it was all in one shot.

I dunno about this list though, I beat all the Star Wars games and while some levels were tough, it was easy to get powerups and extra lives and stuff. Maybe set to the hardest settings it was tough. I also beat Contra 3, loved that game to death.

darthv72360d ago

with the exception of Jurassic Park and Prince of Persia, I've beaten every other one of those. It just takes practice and time. Something I had way more of when I was younger.


Quake Games Ranked from Worst to Best

BLG writes, "Alongside the Wolfenstein and DOOM franchises, there are the Quake games. Known for fast-paced and insane multiplayer deathmatch action, there was a time Quake was best known for its single-player design.

That all changed as time passed (i.e., after Quake 3 Arena). Multiplayer deathmatches were never the same.

As other FPS games leaned more into improved narrative and storytelling, id Software delivered a genre-defining multiplayer experience.

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MadLad408d ago

Quake 3, and the iterations, will always be one of the best multiplayer series releases.
As far as campaigns, I think 1 and 4 are great, but that 2 was garbage.

Quake Champions was a joke on and didn't capitalize on much of anything that made the series great.


Creator of Prince of Persia Claims that His New Book was a New POP

In a recent podcast with Wassup Conversations, Jordan Mechner, the creator of Prince of Persia franchise claims that his new book "Samak the Ayyar" based on an old Persian folk was supposed to be a new Prince of Persia game. He mentions: "It was actually going to be a new instalment in the Prince of Persia series." But the project didn't come to an end and Mechner release the story as a book.

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plainview1030760d ago

The book is straight-up a brand new Prince of Persia.