Oblivion, UT3 under $10; Maelstrom $0.50 on GoGamer

GoGamer has kicked off this week's 48 Hour Madness sale, this time pricing nearly 40 titles under $5, including the strategy title Maelstrom for $0.50. Yes, less than a dollar.

Highlights of the sale include The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Unreal Tournament III (both for PC and Xbox 360) and ArmA for under $10, with titles such as Battlestations: Midway, Call of Juarez and Quake Wars going for under $5 while supplies last.

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foxtheory3369d ago

but nothing that really catches my eye. And besides, I need to save my money for the onslaught of games coming out within the next year.

-Mezzo-3369d ago

i think i should finally get Oblivion. lol

umair_s513369d ago

You should pick up Oblivion, the graphics will definitely feel dated but its still great value for 10 bucks. As for me, I am thinking to 'invest' 50 cents on Maelstrom. Will beat it and sell it for $2. lol

Murder MD3369d ago

What's recertified controller mean? Is it new? Wish they would clarify.

RockmanII73369d ago

I'm waiting for Oblivion(360) to be under $20 before I get it.