Lord of the Rings Online: Welcome Back Week July 9-15th writes:

"Turbine is offering a "Welcome Back Week" from July 9th until July 15th. For those who have already played Lord of the Rings Online, you can reactivate your account starting tomorrow, and play for a week for free.

For all players of Lord of the Rings Online, you'll also get to indulge in a 25% experience boost (which stacks with rested bonus.) "

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JoySticksFTW5071d ago

I made it to 49lvl Burg and a Master Chef, but quit soon after.

It didn't capture that magical feel of EQ or the camaraderie and sense of accomplishment of FFXI which forced you to group to get anywhere... sans you Beastmasters :)

The community was great though for the most part, but again -- that was when I first started.

For those that care...

You can solo (both grind or quest) to lvl but obviously having help makes things go much quicker and you will miss the best content without a group.

And not a huge time-investment is required-- at least compared to other legendary mmo time-sinks

Blasphemy5071d ago (Edited 5071d ago )

I played this game for a little bit. It reminded me to much of WoW though so I didn't play for long. I remember SE doing something like the for FF XI players but instead of a free week they would do a whole month.