The Best MMORPGS That Aren’t World of Warcraft

Some WoW-like MMORPGs are better than others. Here's a curated list that offers a wide variety of games that let you play with other people but have something unique to offer.

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Jiub683d ago

WoW is a mess and it will continue to be a mess. Still, the less-developed MMOs are going to have trouble gaining a fan base because they lack content right now. Even if people do flock to FF14 or BDO, they'll go back to WoW if they fix enough features or give players a shred of hope.


You Can Now Spend $7 in Final Fantasy XIV for the "Eat Pizza" Emote that Was Originally Free

Once upon a time, an emote that let Final Fantasy XIV characters eat pizza was provided at no additional cost as part of a promotion. Today, you can buy it.

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Snookies127d ago

It wasn't free. If this is the same one, you had to purchase a pizza for it to be "free."

Jin_Sakai7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Paying any amount of money for a d@mn emote is ridiculous.

phoenixwing7d ago

That doesn't change the fact it still originally cost money.

Abriael7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

The fact that something is given for free as part of a paid promotion (and no, it wasn't a pizza, it was any delivery) doesn't make it less free.
You paid for the delivery, not for the emote, which was indeed a free bonus.

Inverno6d ago

A bonus that was still behind a paywall so he's not all incorrect.

Abriael6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

It's not part of that paywall. So yes. He's incorrect.

You pay for a food delivery. Any bonus you get with it that isn't part of that service is free. You're not paying for the emote and you'd be paying the same with or without it.

You pay for a happy meal. The toy you get with it is free because the product is the Happy Meal, not the toy.

You pay for PlayStation Plus or Game Pass, and the games you get with them are not "free." They're "at no additional cost" because they're specifically part of the features of the service you're paying for.

The difference may be subtle but it's very relevant.

Inverno6d ago

If there's a catch then it isn't free. Free would be if they gave it out to everyone without the need to buy into something else. And considering this is an MMO that people pay a subscription to, you'd think they'd just give it without any additional strings attached.

Abriael6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

That's not how it works. I already explained it.

Now, let me know when you're done arguing semantics just to falsely prove that you know better, because I have better things to do than going in circles on something obvious.

If you're not paying for something, it's free.

No one has paid for the emote. People paid for the delivery. There's no further condition for the emote to be "free." End of the story.

Inverno6d ago

I'm not saying I know better, I'm just saying that's how it works for me, and maybe how it also works for the first guy who commented. Only one arguing to make himself seem right is you.

DickyD12266d ago

If you had to purchase a product to unlock something else it does not make it free. If I pay for the Call of Duty endowment, I yes get calling cards and emblems for Call of Duty. Does it make it less of a pay wall cause I could only get those from said purchase? If a game has a deluxe edition but it comes with bonus items and I pay for that deluxe edition does it make those items free?
Free means no money needing to be spent what so ever. You have always had to pay for the emote in one way shape or another.

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Phantombane6d ago

Wait until they see what they do with the seasonal emotes, mounts, minions and/or glamour. Spoiler alert they charge you for them if you missed out on them.

Plus, if you wanted this, you likely bought fast food that you didn't need to get it. In short, you paid for it.

JackBNimble5d ago

Well then you likely paid more then $7 for it if use your logic.
The question is, were you going to order delivery regardless or was it only for the emote ?

shadowknight2036d ago

In america, cell phones are free with a catch, 24 month installment agreement, so 24 months of paying for service. You can get simular service cheaper and that's called prepaid. So is the phone truly free?


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