Marvel MMORPG Confirmed to be in the Works; LOTRO Revamp, Console Launch Still Happening

Dimensional Ink Games is confirmed to be working on a next-generation Marvel-based action MMORPG. Lord of the Rings Online is getting a full revamp and console launch to capitalize on the Amazon TV series.

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Mr_Luke54d ago

Right, because there aren't enough of MMORPG, right? :P Well, to be honest very good ones no, there aren't... so why not? I just hope it won't be like DC Universe Online, i didn't like that one.

Juancho5154d ago

I played DC Universe at launch for about a year. Last MMO I played, I enjoyed the different powers and the travel being so different between each class (Fly, Run, Leap, Etc.)

I hope this game has the same energy DC did when it was first released, community was great, content was decent. Marvel universe is so much more interesting to me, I may jump in and try it...but time sink games are so difficult to play these days.

Germaximus54d ago

Marvel Heroes was amazing. Wish they could bring that back.