Rumored PlayStation Store Content for 07/02/2009

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Sadly, this week looks to be yet another light week as far as content is concerned. Let's hope that we are pleasantly surprised. We expect a few PSP titles to be released to the PS Store this week as Sony will make more PSP titles available digitally to prepare for the launch of the PSP go."

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DoucheVader5088d ago

Looks kind of kewl. I might have to get it.

ps3gamerkyle5088d ago

I'm extremely pumped for Punisher.. Can't wait for it!

Wizeguy215088d ago

No possibility of Fallout 3 DLC?

Livenow5088d ago

One of my friends just gave me his PSN login info so I'm about to download FFVII, Castlevania SOTN, and Bomberman. I planned on doing schoolwork on my flight tomorrow but now I'll revisit the world of FFVII.

Big ups to Sev for doing this every week. Not many sites are willing to guesstimate what the PSN content for the week will be.

DJ5088d ago

I was hoping for more Rock Band content.

cranium5088d ago

As if you didn't already have 700+ songs to pick from?

guitarded775088d ago

Punisher this week and Battlefield 1943 next... Finally! Now all I need is some Fat Princess.

Sev5088d ago

Thank you. I've given you a thanks on the site, and I will throw you some bubbles on here.

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