20 Best PSP Games of All Time

It feels like the PlayStation Portable doesn't get the love that it deserves, so here are the best PSP games if you're picking one up for the first time.

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darthv7296d ago

some really good games on that list. some of my favorites (not on the list) are Metal Slug XX, ultimate Ghosts & Goblins, Gradius Collection, Motorstorm Arctic Edge and Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters.

Knushwood Butt95d ago

Metal Slug XX is surprisingly good.

isarai95d ago

I get that The Warriors is technically a PS2 game ported over, but damn it's amazing on the PSP

roadkillers95d ago

Dark Mirror was the best. Multiplayer and single player was fantastic

CaptainHenry91695d ago

Logan Shadow wasn't bad either

roadkillers95d ago

I never tried that one. Once the PS3 was out, I was done with PSP… I would love to see a new one

badboyz0995d ago

Few of my favs Off the top. Midnight club 3,GTA Stories liberty/Vice,god of war and locoRoco