The Best Final Fantasy Spin-Off Titles Ever Released

Xfire writes "The Final Fantasy franchise is nearly as old as the video game industry itself.

First released way back in 1987, what initially started as a hail mary title has since turned into a media franchise that has spawned more than a dozen mainline titles and been featured in other forms of media, making hundreds of millions of dollars along the way.

But while the mainline titles get all of the attention -- all eyes are currently on Final Fantasy 16 -- the franchise also has a handful of spin-off titles that are just as good as the mainline titles."

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Knightofelemia1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

I enjoyed World of Final Fantasy and I love Crisis Core

SDuck1180d ago

Do you even know what a spinoff is?

FallenAngel19841180d ago

Do you? if you even have to ask that

FallenAngel19841179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

@ cool

It’s more than just having characters. KH uses various gameplay mechanics, themes, terminology, & aesthetics from FF.

It just happens to be a spin-off that’s also a crossover, similar to fellow spin-off crossover titles such as Pokémon Conquest, Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle, & Warriors All Stars

coolfool1180d ago

Does including characters from a game make it a spin off? If so, is Smash Bros a spinoff of Metal Gear Solid? 😕

Nerdmaster1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

I would put Bravely Default as the best Final Fantasy spin off, even though it doesn't carry the Final Fantasy name (although the japanese version does have the subtitle Flying Fairy so it could carry the FF acronym).

About the games in the list, I like Dissidia 012 a lot, but my favorite is Theatrhythm. I still turn on my old 3DS from time to time to play a few songs.
I wish it had some remixed or orchestrated versions of the old songs, though. NES/SNES songs are nostalgic, but when played by an orchestra they're taken to another level. Strange that some people complained that Theatrhythm Dragon Quest did exactly that... I guess nostalgia does speak loudly.

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Final Fantasy Games That Deserve the Remake Treatment

Final Fantasy has a long running history with numerous numbered titles and spin-offs, but which games stand to benefit from a remake?

gold_drake151d ago

i feel like all of them.
well except 2 haha.

shinoff2183151d ago

Agreed. Ff2 though can be made better, so it's not entirely a lost cause. Ff8 will gets its time. I do wish they'd do the old ones. From ff10 and up those ones still hold up pretty well.

kevco33150d ago

Honestly, I've always felt that VII and up 'hold up well' in that regard. The early 3D games just needed a cosmetic update. But the FFVII Remake is so different to the original in execution that a lot of games could be done in a similar fashion and feel far more modern.

I'm not saying that's a good or bad thing (that depends on your personal preference!), just that they could feel very different.

shinoff2183150d ago

Kevco I liked remake but I think your right. Idda been happy with a 1 to 1 remake that looked like ever crisis to. Or both

I'd just love I square would one day give us a turned based one with today's graphics. I can't really think of a jrpg that does that.

andy85150d ago

I'd rather the 13 trilogy just be ported tbh. No matter what you think if it, it shouldn't be the only numbered offline games not playable on new consoles. But naturally I'd play the **** out of 8-12 remakes.

shinoff2183150d ago

I do agree. I'd give it another shot even though I didn't like it at first. My taste change over time. Gta 4 for instance I was so disappointed it lacked so much of what san andreas had I didn't play it for like 5 years. One day went to a semi pro football game(American football) came home drunk and decided to try 4 again. I actually liked it after giving it a fair shot.

Rebel_Scum150d ago

Just make new games. Not every game needs to be remade.

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