What Makes 'Final Fantasy Tactics' So Special?

There are so many reasons why fans love Final Fantasy Tactics that it’s hard to sum up in one article.

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Name Last Name463d ago

The amazing story and fantastic job system.

pietro1212463d ago

Agreed! Probably my favorite Final Fantasy game. I hope we see a remaster soon


Final Fantasy Tactics Team "Incredibly Busy" With New Unannounced Project

The Final Fantasy Tactics team is "heavily involved" in a new unannounced project, according to Theatrhythm producer Ichiro Hazama.

FinalFantasyFanatic229d ago

It could be that or a remaster, that Nvidia leak list of games is getting more accurate.

shinoff2183230d ago

G I wonder what that is

Good news though for sure.


Five Classic Square Enix RPGs That Deserve an HD-2D Remake

After Live A Live and Dragon Quest 3, which other classic Square Enix RPGs should be remade in its unique HD-2D art style?

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Final Fantasy Tactics Getting New Ramza, Delita, & Agrias Bring Arts Figures by Square Enix

Square Enix has revealed a new batch of action figures portraying the protagonists of the popular turn-based JRPG Final Fantasy Tactics.

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Eonjay601d ago

I wonder if there is any truth to the rumors of a tactics remake.

BrainSyphoned601d ago

They look accurate to the quality of figures available when the series finished its console run 25 year ago.

Relientk77601d ago

Damn I sorta want these. Definitely need Final Fantasy Tactics to come back.

on_line_forever601d ago

I need this and vagrant story remake

Muigi601d ago

Tactics Advanced 1 was my favorite of the series.

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