Socom-Competition To Push The Limits of PSN


"According to an employee at Game Crazy it appears that Sony has quietly revealed the future of their killer-app shooter known as SOCOM. The source has stated that the game is on the way for the PlayStation 3 along with a brand new PlayStation Portable iteration of the series known as SOCOM Tactics.

The PlayStation 3 version of the game is currently known as SOCOM Competition and is likely going to be a game which really pushes the limits of the PlayStation Network with a lot of heavy online play including vehicles, weapons, etc. This game will likely receive a name change before it is released at a date that is still not known."

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BubblesDAVERAGE5893d ago (Edited 5892d ago )

This is the reason I had a ps2..socom 2..and socom 3 desert,Sujp, glory..thoese battles bring me bak..psp games are okay also

GaMr-5893d ago

Desert Glory, Bitter Jungle, Sujo, Foxhunt, Blizzard...

Thoughts like this make me as happy as Solid Snake on the Battlefield. I cannot wait to see what PS3 will do to this game.

Blu-ray= Huge Maps

HD Eyetoy= In game video chat during gameplay

PSN: Unified friends list

Home: Automatic clan stat tracking.... gorgeous.

(Wishful thinking mixed with a little insider and speculation.)

Figboy5892d ago (Edited 5892d ago )

you know, i've been looking at your posts for so long, but i can't take it anymore and i have to say this.

best. Avatar icon. ever.

that is all.

*edit. oh, yeah, and i agree with your post. Blu Ray is going to be very beneficial to gaming, even if shortsighted dissenters can't (and refuse to) see it.

cajuncandb5892d ago

Yeah i can agree with all the normal stuff about how Socom 3 and CA weren't like the first two versions, but more imporantly the community of gamers that hung Zipper and sony out to dry was what forced me over the Xbox 360. I got tired of trying to make an effort to enjoy Socom with my Clan i have had for the past 5 - 6 years when all they did was complain the whole time. I mean its been said before, if you don't like the game then move on and leave quit bringing down my experience. All the complaints about i shot the guy like 80 f'n times, and this game sucks, and screw this game i quit. People who don't like the game need to leave it. I loved the game, but due to all the complaining losers i decided to go find an online experience elsewhere. And sorry to say, if Sony doesn't change their online model then they are done cause Microsoft has them beat even with all the crap they stole to make PS Home. Good luck to all those who stick around for Socom 4 chances are the losers who are on CA now will complain about Socom 4 the day it drops.

Drunkdude : Socom Nickname
Shake N Bake 20 : 360 Gamertag

If you aint living for something, youll die for nuthin!

Blackmoses5893d ago

skeet skeet......sorry.....skeet

specialguest5892d ago

are you skeeting because of GaMr's avatar, or the game? hahahah

Ps30075893d ago

Now I see why there are so many PS3 bashing articles because they are fake and made up..

Just like this one...

Seriously Socom is probaly being developed but no way a freakin gamecrazy employee is going to get first look..

Another garbage article for N4G... Almost to status.

SRuN45893d ago (Edited 5893d ago )

for pushing the limits of PSN that is pure speculation, as for the game.. it is listed in the gamecrazy system

CrazzyMan5893d ago

seems like sony is going for real to give best online entertainment :)

SRuN45893d ago

the last two games were plagued with bugs, glitches and cheating devices.. along with a horrible approach to the game in general. much of the loyal base they had in the S1 & S2 days are gone because they felt the urge to make a battlefield clone, poor support & lack of communication with zipper. until the series returns to it's roots it's just a slowly dieing franchise.

OutpostCommand5893d ago

I semi-agree.
I dont agree about S2 - that was a brilliant game (Atleast on the EU servers).
It required a lot of skill, particularly when using less powerful weapons (I ONLY used the AK-47 because while it was crap, it was satisfying to kill with - I was one of few people to use it).
HOWEVER, I agree that Socom 3 sucked. Seriously, it sucked.
1. Many weapons REALLY overpowered (Rifle GLs, one shot kill snipers, spray and pray noob weapons lik the F90 which guaranteed a headshot within miliseconds, etc)
2.I wish they would give you something to do when your character is dead - Pac Man perhaps ?
3.Headshots far too easy

Those were the main issues, in my opinion,

SRuN45893d ago

Outpost i take it Socom:CA hasn't come out in Europe yet? S3 & CA are the two games im talking about being plagued with all those problems.

OutpostCommand5892d ago

Oho - my apologies; my mind somehow registered the word 'S2'.

And yeah, SCA has been released in Europe (I think, anyway), but after S3, I lost so much interest in the series, I didnt even look twice at SCA.

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