X-Play Review: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (360)

From the written review:

"...In fact GRAW2 could almost be a "dummies" version of GRAW, swollen with so many high-tech death-dealing extras and set against such ridiculously underpowered dim-bulb A.I. combatants that it's more like a dippy third-person shooter than a pensive tactical action gamble. Yeah, we get that in pitched combat with all its modern toys, the U.S. cleans up, but-not to put too fine a point on it-what's fun about shooting fish in a barrel?"...

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InMyOpinion4270d ago

4 out of 5. Excellent game.

Xtrm L1481L1TY4270d ago

I like how they keep bagging on Canadians. "Some people are Canadians and used to big American sized luxury."

Dlacy13g4270d ago

all you need to know 4 out of 5...and worth the purchase. enough said...moving on.

Clinton5144270d ago

No offense but I can't believe anyone takes them seriously. That being said, GRAW 2 is great.

Moostache4270d ago

I realize that the clowns at G4 are the gaming equivalent of Menudo, but how the hell can you possibly review a game that excels most in online without ever even mentioning that aspect of the game???

I did find the single player campaign to be ridiculously easy compared to the first GRAW or R6:V, but the online MP makes up for it in spades. Too bad the PS3 version was delayed because I was really looking forward to buying it on that platform and doing a comparison of GRAW2 on PS3 with GRAW on 360...oh well, another sale lost due to delays - just add it to the list...GRAW2, R6:V, SC:DA, Oblivion, etc. All games I WOULD have bought on PS3 if they had been available...

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