Bayonetta "E3 Reveal" Trailer

SEGA Europe has today released a brand new trailer for the forthcoming Bayonetta, in development for PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360 at Platinum Games. Dubbed the "E3 Reveal Trailer", the latest video shows our high-kicking heroine battling enormous foes, racking-up combos, and transforming into a dog.

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cmrbe4408d ago

This game is what DMC4 should have been. Hideki is a master.

AKNAA4408d ago

This game looks insane!!! I can see it on my 40" HDTV widescreen right now....

LightofDarkness4408d ago

That is some funky art direction right there, very imaginative character designs. Go Hideki.

Pheonix034408d ago

Is there any doubting the epicness of Bayonetta after this trailer? Way to go Kamiya-san!! Nobody else can make games the way you can!