XPlay Reviews SingStar Pop for PS2

One of the best things about SingStar Pop is its value price. The game has a suggested retail price of US$29.99 without microphones and US$49.99 for a bundle with a pair of mics. Not only do you get strong karaoke gameplay, real music, and real videos, but you get it all at a relatively inexpensive price for a new game. If you're looking for solid karaoke gameplay and a fantastic party game, SingStar Pop is an excellent choice...

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Torch4277d ago

Thanks for the editing tip.

My intention was to reference the text-base review anyway. I've been wanting to embed video, but for the life of me, I couldn't find the "Embed Video" section till now.

Thanks again.

techie4277d ago

No probs torchy. They do quite good reviews over...amusing as well. Have to keep a look out for future ones.

Torch4277d ago

and as funny as Hell.

Do you know if the show airs over on that side of the Atlantic?

DEIx15x84276d ago

That game look cool but the review sucked. It's always a shame when a good show turns to utter crap. All of those characters are lame and annoying, what happened to the days of just using interns who actually act normal and create natural humor instead of forced pathetic humor. Back to the game now. I've never played this game and the review left a few questions open:
1) Are the videos HD?
2) Is there any kind of goal or way to win?
Is anyone able to answer these two questions?