Exciting news on SingStar backwards compatibility

Three Speech writes: "Exciting stuff just in from Sony…

It's the first anniversary of SingStar for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3) and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have a special celebration gift for loyal PlayStation®2 (PS2) SingStars: the ability to play our collection of PS2 discs through SingStar PS3! Arriving right in time for the holiday SingStar party season, a free online update to SingStar PS3 will allow PS2 SingStars to upgrade to PS3 safe in the knowledge that they can take their whole collection of discs with them – while PS3 SingStars can now dust off their PS2 discs and relive the SingStar parties of holidays gone by.

All you'll need to do is connect to PlayStation®Network when the online update goes live on December 16th – 10:00 AM GMT."

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Harry1904502d ago

Great news. The Store is also much better now. But I still want to see 'Keane' and 'Depeche Mode' songs on there and bring those damn PSN cards to Canada PLEASE.

vhero4501d ago

still would have been better though to let us dump the songs to hard drive to add to collection as swapping discs is rather annoying and you can only use 1 disc per session meaning you cant mix the songs from each disc limiting your songs.

shqype4502d ago

Cool, this is good news. But does anyone know when Singstar Trophies are gonna be revealed?

Hot_tea4502d ago

I'm in the states and I'm DYING to get queen songs. Is there any Queen on the Vol 3 disc? I think the reason the US singstore sucks so much balls, is because what is released in Europe, may be on a different record label here. LAME.

thereapersson4502d ago

Does Singstar on the PS3 act as a PS2 emulator or something? Does this mean 80gb B/C-less people will be getting B/C?

PirateThom4502d ago

This is what I thought when this first came up.

If the PS3, even without PS2 hardware, can read PS2 Singstar discs and run them in emulation through the Singstar PS3 software, is it possible to apply this to other games?

thereapersson4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

Although I have heard rumors that Sony is working on getting B/C enabled in systems that currently are without it. If this happened, of course there would be incompatibilities, but at least people could then play their games without the aid of a PS2.

I still say the PS2 has the best B/C out of both the PS2 and the PS3. It's the only one that actually "smooths" out textures, instead of applying a whole-screen "Vaseline" effect. Also, some of my PSone games don't work correctly on my PS3, even though I have an original 60gb that I bought in June 2007. For example, if I want to play the original Silent Hill, I have to keep my PS2 around because there's a glitch whenever I shoot something when played through the PS3's emulation.

Lumbo4501d ago

no, this only means that the Singstar PS3 soft got the needed routines to read the songs from the PS2 disks and display them in PS3 Singstar style. This is certainly NOT PS2 emulator related at all.

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ninsass4501d ago

since this game is huge in Europe

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