Should Chris Brown's music be removed from video games, too?

No matter how you look at it, controversial pop star Chris Brown will have at least two songs in the upcoming SingStar Pop Edition (PS3)... The truth is, both Chris Brown (and Rihanna for that matter) have been featured in previous installments of the franchise. And currently featured in Microsoft's competing game - Lips.

So what's the problem? While the tracklist for the latest SingStar installment on PS3 is finalized for the SCEE region and the game is on schedule to launch in April 2009, PSLS can't help but think something should be done. With many radio stations worldwide still refraining from playing Chris Brown's songs, the "Got Milk" campaign and Wrigley's dropping sponsorship, and other musicians backing out of planned duets - PSLS is not sure if many of gamers will want to sing alongside him either. The royalties for the game and how much money the artist sees per song download are unknown, but what is clear is that the SingStore is a viable source of income. The Edge recently reported on Sony's social success, with SingStar highlighted as the most successful franchise. In fact, the article states that "the SingStore sells one track every 10 seconds" which equates to over 60,000 songs per week. That's a lotta guacamole.

PlayStation LifeStyle makes a few PR suggestions to Sony in the article.

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StalkingSilence4829d ago

To reflect his music's inclusion in Microsoft's Lips.

Is his music available on the disc or as DLC for Lips?

BigPete79784829d ago

I think what Chris Brown did was absolutely ridiculous. Any man that puts his hands on a woman is a coward, and shouldn’t even be called a man. He should definitely be removed from the game in my opinion.

StalkingSilence4829d ago

I thought it was all a little overblown til my wife showed me. Wow. Pretty ridiculous. Sony/MS could save face, be proactive so this DOESN'T become a mainstream media issue.

Leio4829d ago (Edited 4829d ago )

How the f..k could a man hit such of beauty just take a look at the picture

They should f..king lock him in jail for good...

XLiveGamer4829d ago

Well i hope they do the same with other artist that have done the same thing and worse but they appear on Guitar Hero and Rock Band and what about Michael Jackson a.k.a. Captain Crunch

XLiveGamer4829d ago

I don't care or like his music but... ¿What about Michael Jackson?

Be fair just be fair.

Dark_Overlord4829d ago

Thats the first thing that popped into my mind as well

Yes I know he was cleared but he still admitted to sleeping with young kids

mintaro4829d ago

Yes, but sleeping with kids is different then "sleeping" with kids.

Dark_Overlord4829d ago

yes but what would you say if it was your kid he was sleeping with?

A fully grown man should not be sleeping in the same bed as other peoples kids

MrJack4829d ago

And I have friends that still defend him, I hope he gets years behind bars, any man that beats a woman that violently is a coward and a burden on society. And his songs are aweful!

360 man4829d ago (Edited 4829d ago )

chris brown is a cool kat

when deez women get out of line u have to show dem

chris brown style ^_^

jus kidding, jus kidding!! lol

kornbeaner4829d ago

true, but you have to do it with a sock full of oranges so that you don't leave any marks and bruises.

I kid, I kid :P

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