Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (XBox 360) Review

Ubi-Soft delivers GRAW 2007 for the XBox 360. Is it worth investing another sixty hard-earned dollars or is this simply a glorified expansion pack? Find out in's full review of GRAW 2 for the XBox 360.

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LuminousAphid4766d ago

not worth $60, but I got mine for half that. i <3 you fry's

OC_MurphysLaw4766d ago

More so than the first GRAW IMO. This game is more more fully realized than the first, from support units to character designs for online/coop play. I completely feel this is worth the $60 bones especially when you compare it to other games that recently have come out.

USMChardcharger4765d ago

man, i have been loving this game. i personally think it is way better than the first GRAW. The single player has better missions, maps, graphics, battles...

no way i would call this an expansion pack. i have been pleasantly surprised, especially based on some reviews i have read. just an upgrade? it is an upgrade alright (as it should be), but it is more than just that...