New Dead Space Extraction screens

EA has posted new screens of its Wii iteration of Dead Space.

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Product5548d ago

They're coming along nicely.

nintendohomie5547d ago

looking better everytime. Cant wait loved the first.....and to think this group made the Simpsons game before Dead Space.

zaldare5547d ago

That....that can't be Wii graphics, can they?

jtucker785547d ago

Images 1, 3 and 4 are Wii screens. The rest are concept art.

But yeah, its looking really good.
Best Wii graphics I've seen in a while.

Product5547d ago

images 1-4 are in-game screens, the others are conceptual art

jtucker785547d ago

Woahh, 2 definitely isn't a Wii screen. Have another look and compare it to the other concept art. They are created in the same art style. Look at the lights and look at how they light up the thick atmosphere. But most importantly look at the sheer level of detail. The PS3 and 360 versions of Dead Space don't look that good.
No way is that Wii.

Product5547d ago

no your right the second is concept art. good eye.

jtucker785547d ago (Edited 5547d ago )

I know you are a Wii owner, but did you get a chance to play the first Dead Space? Really great game. If you have an HD console it is definitely worth buying. Way better than RE5.
The Wii game looks awesome too. Especially tilting the controller for the dismembering. I think it looks like it will work really well.

On the PS3 360 you could toggle between horizontal and verticle for the plasma cutter, but dynamically tilting the Wii-mote should feel way more natural. I really like IR on the mote. Still don't like waggle / motion though. Still doesn't work properly IMO, but IR... IR is cool. I hope they don't try and put too much motion in DS: Extraction. (Unless its motion plus)

Look at image 1. The aiming reticule on the left is horizontal for a horizontal cut (good for legs) whereas the one on the left is aiming vertically.
One of the best things about DS was removing the HUD and they appear to be keeping with that tradition. The aiming reticule on these shots appears to have a health bar and ammo bar either side of the crosshair.
No pause to inventory, going to a shop or work bench.

In my opinion EA have really up'ed their game this gen. Capcom on the other hand started off OK this gen with RE4 Wii and Okami ports but since then have been delivering low quality. Dead Rising: CtyD, RE5 etc.

Nice avatar by the way.

Product5547d ago (Edited 5547d ago )

@ Jtucker,

yea i did i beat that and Bioshock and must say they were two games i really thought were a great "next gen" concept and thought those 2 games were better then what i played in Gears 2, RE5 and Left 4 Dead.

Thats why im excited for the title.....i loved the mood of both those games and im really hoping this game can create that atmosphere i like in games.

Yea the concept was great but i didnt like how you had to toggle through the cutter to dismember the necromorphs, i also thought the telekenisis was alittle clunky maybe due to the third person view and me being so used to RE 4 Wii.
Bioshock didnt really have that feeling though because that game was alittle less action packed, so the controls felt fine for an xbox game and your right the holographic hud was a great touch.

oh and btw i play xbox pretty regularly with friends. Even thougth i dont own the console i still get to play the games.

N4g_null5547d ago (Edited 5547d ago )

jtucker78 every thing with a player cursor on it is in game. as for the lights I don't understand why that is not possible on the Wii. The Wii does have hardware lights and it can use shadowmaps. That atmosphere is done using particle effects which are very possible on the Wii. Actually you could do that on the 2nd unreal if you wanted to. You just bloom the flat textures.

Most concept artist don't do such a good job of making the concept art look in game unless they are using the PC to prototype.

It's an on rails shooter even res evil chronicles had stuff that should be possible on the Wii but hey you didn't play that either.

About capcom, well they have one producer that sucks and he made dead rising. TvsCapcom and monster hunter are way better and don't even seem like they are from the same company.

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-Foxtrot663d ago

Dead Space Extraction better than the original Dead Space?


lucian229662d ago

I played all three. Didn't find them fun, just had nothing to play. I don't think I beat third game though. Combat was super clunky, graphics and art design were ugly imo, story in first game wasn't too bad, rest were meh.

Over hyped series imo, also it doesn't help horror games don't scare me, so I guess that's a big reason for me too.

MIDGETonSTILTS17662d ago

Play Alien Isolation on Hard or Nightmare.

Start on the movie DLC so that you don’t have to play a bunch of campaign in order to find out if you’ll be scared.

lucian229662d ago

I heard that was a good one. Honestly vr games scare me with jump scares because of how the threat feels real.

MIDGETonSTILTS17662d ago

There isn’t an official VR mode, unfortunately.

The audio should pull you right in if you use headphones.

CDbiggen662d ago

Just finished playing the first, enjoyed the fact Isaac was a silent alien crushing psycho doom-guy type. Just started the second yesterday and I'm annoyed he's a talker now and sounds like a regular guy who hasn't been through hell, but I suppose he couldn't remain silent.

VersusDMC662d ago

Dead Space 2 is my favorite followed by 1 then 3. All are good to me though. Just beat all 3 on series X and they hold up.

Xenial662d ago

As simple as 1,2,3.

Extraction, then Ignition.

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