Missing GRAW 2 game mode explained

If you're wondering where Co-op Exfiltration is on Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, this post on Ubi forums from Christine Allen, Creative Director of GRAW2 Xbox 360 Online clears it up.

"No, no big conspiracies. I PM'd Kleansy earlier, but I forgot she is on UK time. Co-Op Exfiltration is a game mode that we were working on late in the dev process for possible future inclusion in DLC or another platform of the game. We have so many game modes that this description accidentally leaked into the blog. So now you have a sneak peak of some things possibly to come. Hope that clears things up; and players enjoy the hundreds of other co-op game mode combinations available in GRAW2."

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Dlacy13g4328d ago

that I didn't notice the missing mode until this article. I am fine with the new mode for a future download. Hopefully a free one...but i am not concerned as I feel I got my monies worth this go round.

Double-Edged4328d ago

My boi just got this game...
i'll run vegas as long as i can....

shoot... 16 players on multiplayer co-op.
I thought my friend was lying.


gogators4328d ago

I have had far too many games lose connections when people don't mute their mics. I do like the better intelligence with the AI controlled enemies. They run much faster and get ito cover better. Co-op territory with infinite enemies has been very enjoyable. The developers should get a pat on the back for including a clan function.